Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bento#Feb12~Be Mine Valentine Froggies

It's Valentine's Day!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you ^_^
Today I made "Be Mine Valentine" cute couple froggies for my hubby :p
Froggies made from two different type of cheese and used bear cookie cutter mold to cut out the cheese and turn it into frogs :) Couple frogs eyes/nose/lips used puncher to punch nori except the female frog eyelashes freehand scissor cut the nori. Put flower pick in the middle to show that the male frog gave flower to the female frog ^_^ Also to hints my hubby!!! Haha...
The heart shape egg a bit failure =_=" I just want to try out my new mold by using microwave to make sunny up egg. The instruction all in Japanese words and I totally cannot understand :( Gosh.....just based on the picture to figure it out and hmmm....didn't turn out well. *Sigh
To make it nicer, I used heart shape cookie cutter to cut out "肉干" sweet pork jerky and cover it in the middle and slowly trim the top part of yolk and put next to sweet pork jerky. Next, add small heart nori surrounded the two hearts :) Lastly, cut out small heart shape for grapes and cucumber and secure with heart picks!
 I hope you will like my "Be Mine Valentine" froggies bento for my hubby!! Have a great day and enjoy ^_^ Cheers!


  1. So cute! Your hubby must be happy with the lovely frogs.
    The egg ends pretty good, even inf you don't know how the mold works. I hope you can figure out.

    1. Thanks dear ^^ Will post the egg mold pictures later to see who can teach me!!! Haha... Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Am sure you will work out the egg mold thingy!

    In any case, it still looks great and full of love!! :D Happy V day

  3. Beautiful! What a sweet couple! :)


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