Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bento#Jan36~Miffy "Little White Rabbit"

Say "Hi" to Miffy ^_^ Bought Miffy cookie cutter mould recently so I'm making simple bento snack for my daughter. As her school tomorrow having concert celebration for Lunar New Year and will have yummy foods too! So just packed something simple for her snack time.
My girl likes bread skin as well my boy too! Luckily the loaf of bread sure have two bread skin (top and bottom) They don't have to fight for it :)  Well, this bento for one Miffy can cut total of three pieces out of one piece white bread. I liked to take two pieces to pressed out the lines and the 3rd piece spread jam to stick together. To let Miffy wear her dress, I used the same cutter to cut cheese and trim away the hands and legs. Sprinkle some pink fondant as I don't have red fondant for Miffy. Freehand cut nori as strips then stick onto Miffy dress. Lastly, add cute picks to secure Miffy placed. I added two crackers bars underneath. By the way, Miffy eyes were fondant.
For the other section, I added some papaya (used Miffy cutter to cut), grapes and strawberry. Also added lovely bunny picks!
Simple and quick bento hope you all will like it! Hugs!


  1. As usually, very cute!

    I have the same cookie cutter and have done something similar (but with cheese instead of bread). I like the grass baran idea.


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