Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bento#Jan27~Kor Kor & Mei Mei (Siblings)

 Its Wednesday!! Today's school lunch, I'm making siblings onigiri.
"Kor Kor onigiri" bento for my son ^_^ After reheat the left overnight cooked rice, I used cling wrapper to wrap out the face shape and put small piece of cheese inside the rice. Cut out nori for hair, eyes, nose and lips. Add a cap pick for the onigiri. Also crab stick for the cheeks!
 "Mei Mei onigiri" for my daughter ^_^ Same as making the brother one except the eyes with lashes and insert the ribbon picks for her. Also cut the hair longer for her :p
 Boiled some broccoli, fishballs, carrots, crab stick and sweet corns. Arranged it and used baran for separate the foods. After done both bentos quickly take some photos. And forgot to take both bentos together =_=" I took the "kor kor" bento first then after finished, my son will nicely pack to warmer bag. Next, my daughter's turn.
"Mei Mei onigiri" bento pictures some are blur as there is no sunlight yet :D Snaps few photos then my daughter quickly packed hers! 
Going to show you all the rest of the pictures below and while adding those frames, I've noticed my "Siblings onigiri" can add extra design by holding a present or Ang Pao(Red packet) since Chinese New Year just around the corner :) Oh well.....Next round bento will try to do in the evening for dinner bento! No need to rush :D   
Kor Kor Bento
Mei Mei Bento
Hope you will like both of my "Siblings Bento" Have a nice day and tomorrow is a Public Holiday! I can have a break so will see you all soon. Happy Holidays & Thanks for reading my blog ^_^




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