Monday, 21 January 2013

Bento#Jan23~Flowers Garden

Its Monday!!! Back to school and I prepare "Flowers Garden" bento for my girl lunch time. Something simple and less design for today :p
 Yesterday evening went to  my sister's younger son 1st birthday party so I packed some left over foods for today's bento. This morning I reheat the "Nasi Beriani" then wrapped with nori/seaweed. Due to the rice won't stick properly as ball shape so I need to wrap with nori. Next, I make egg sheet to make flower and wrap the black ball. Boiled some broccoli, crab stick, carrots and fishcake. For the black flower eyes, I used straw to cut the egg sheet and cutter for mouth. Filled in all the cooked vegies :) Add some cute insects picks! Carrot flowers, I used 3 different flower cutter to cut the cooked carrots then stick spaghetti strips.
Slice some apple and persimmon for her desserts ^_^
So here is my simple "Flowers Garden" bento for today. After took the pictures and noticed that I should add some nori for the hard boiled egg as flower face too! Oh time for it :( 

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