Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo 2012

Hello everyone!! I'm back from 2nd honeymoon trips with my hubby. Sorry for not updating my kids bento and too many things happen before planning this honeymoon trips. Well, everything was fine and went smoothly! Thank you so much for supporting my blog and hope you all still continue reading :P Here, I tried my best to spend some time to post and shared some pictures of my wonderful trips to Sanrio Puroland
It was a wonderful place for those loved "Sanrio" characters! My hubby was too sweet to accompany me and took many pretty photos and he knew I was crazy about bento stuff!! I shoped like a little girl :D Haha....Look at the pretty doughnuts! Too lovely to eat ^^
Too many pictures to share but I just picked few. This is one of the event showed. 
Another event showed with lovely Hello Kitty head mask!!
Lunch time!! I choose "My Melody" bento lunchbox for lunch and the wonderful part was the lunch box can bring home with you coz we paid for the lunch set! Look at the mochi, it tasted yummy!!
A closer picture of the bento done by Sanrio Puroland restaurant.
 How to resist myself not to buy? Lunch box with cookies packets!
What about this box? Lovely right?

More stage showed and with photo taking with each characters ^_^
Parade showed :) Just loved the decoration and lights ^_^ I really enjoyed even though I'm an adult. I hope you too will enjoyed reading and will update my new bento with new tools. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and preparing the joyful Christmas soon....

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