Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bento#16~Man-tou馒头Hello Kitty

Simple lunch for my girl ~Man-tou馒头~ Since is white so I make it as Kitty White ^_^ Inside the man-tou fills with tuna floss & decorate with nori/seaweed & crabmeat as well the cheese for the nose. I also cut checker apple while steaming the man-tou. Managed to took few pictures of the step by step with unprofessional quality :D Was still dark in this morning and my kitchen light wasn't bright enough to take a better pictures :p Okay, lastly, filled up some sausages, fishall (decorate as Kitty White too) crabmeat roll & Edamame.
Here is the step by step for the checker apple:-

Picture (4) : Slices the checker lines but the picture can't see clearly
I did soaked in salt water so the apple colour won't change easily.

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