Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bento#14~Halloween Theme

Yay...I felt so happy that my son allowed me to decorate his bento for halloween theme. Usually, he doesn't want any design for his bento. But he did said to me: "Mummy, make sure is not cute or girl type" hahaha...after done his bento & I showed it to him. He said to me: Very nice mummy! Especially the pumpkin ^_^ Let's see what I make...

 First, I steamed the man-tou & sweet potato. Once done, I mashed the sweet potato, add some butter & rolled into ball shape. Cut some nori/seaweed to add in the details like pumpkin spooky face. The green part of the pumpkin was cucumber. Next, I add cheese/cucumber/tuna (coz my son likes tuna) to the man-tou. You can add any fillings up to your children taste. The spooky ghost can draw out if you want then just follow the line & cut but I want to finished both bentos so usually I like freehand cut the seaweed :p I cut out the ghost & bats as well the "BOO" words ^^Finished with watermelon & prunes. As for my girl bento was similar ingredients, except the ghost, I cut flying broom witch. Hmm...wasn't nice coz freehand cut the seaweed looks a bit weird :p So here is it....
So which halloween bentos will your kids prefer or like?? Wish everyone an early Halloween Day!! Who knows, I might have some ideas to create more halloween theme bento ^_^

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