Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Bento2016#Jan05~Mofy Bunny

I'm back to my bento routine because my kids school reopen today after 3 weeks term break ^_^ This year 2016 I think I'll blog less and might just share it once awhile here as I don't think I've enough time to update =_=" Not sure how many readers will miss my blog but think is time to spend more time with my family :) Good news is I'll share my bento post at Instagram and FB page since I don't have to spend time typing.....hahaha

Well, back to today's 1st year 2016 lunch box I make for my girl. As per requested by her that she saw this cute fluffy Mofy Bunny from last night TV episodes. I did some reading about Mofy and came to know it actually from a best-seller books by Ami Kondo (click HERE).
A closer look of my cute "MOFY" bunny make of rice balls ^_^ I don't have kamaboko for the pink touch so I use mini sausage instead for the heart shaped details :p Freehand scissor cut out the nori details! Ketchup for cheeks.
As for side dishes have pea sprouts, pan-fried pork katsu and some grapes. 

Lastly, I want to thank you for all who have been followed my blog and I hope you will continue followed me and see my update posts at Instagram since I'll blog less here ^_^ 

Have a great 2016!

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