Friday, 19 June 2015

Bento2015#Jun19~Hello Kitty Father's Day

This coming Sunday on 21 June 2015 is Father's Day so here I prepare lunch foodart at home since yesterday was a Public Holiday over here. I just cooked simple lunch dishes and shaped out Hello Kitty's dad for the theme ^_^ 

Here is the closer look of Hello Kitty onigiri :) I didn't use rice mould but just using cling wrap to shaped. Kitty-chan dad will slightly bigger than kitty-chan.  I have some deco gadgets to applied on both of them that can save me time of cutting the nori details :D So freehand scissor cut out the face features then the rest I use deco picks! 
Yesterday lunch dishes have sweet corns soup with carrots in Hello Kitty shaped but can't be seen =_=" minced pork, spinach veggie stirfried with shimeji. 

I hope you will like today's sharing and wish all super dad "Happy Father's Day"  

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  1. Very cute and creative! Hope you had a lovely Father's Day weekend with your family!


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