Monday, 9 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb09~Kumamon Bento

This is my first attempt to make Kumamon character ^_^ Visited Fukuoka Japan, noticed that Kumamon seems popular! From goodies to bento can easily buy Kumamon character but I just buy this rice mould set (view the box picture after the post).

Here's the close up Kumamon holds a heart made of crabstick. The Kumamon head, I use the rice mould to shape then wrap with nori. The seaweed cutter mould comes together in a box and face cutter as well. So basically very simple by just using all the bento kits! But the body, I shape it using cling wrap then wrap with nori. Lastly, add the arms. (I forgot one last step! The red cheeks =_=")

For side dishes have pagoda cauliflower, pandan chicken, yam samosa and some grapes.

Here's the picture of the Kumamon bento kits set. As I've mentioned that I missed out the red cheeks! Sigh......

Hope you like today's post but my daughter still not use to Kumamon new character :D She said who's this? Oh well, I need to make Kumamon often :p

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