Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep18~Korilakkuma Obento

Can you spot my new needle felted Korilakkuma? Hehehe...I didn't purchase brown wool to make Rilakkuma so just made Korilakkuma instead ^_^ Still look cute right? Today's bento idea copy from my Korilakkuma Needle Felted craft.  So sad that I didn't purchase any ham or kamaboko for the pink touch. I add ketchup for the Korilakkuma :)

Here is the closer look of my Korilakkuma. I mix the rice with cooked egg yolk for yellow colour. Shape them up using cling wrap then arrange it. Fill up the holes with broccoli ^_^ Lastly, I add ketchup for the ears & legs.

For side dishes: chicken wings, sweet potato, sauce at the small container and I cut some kiwi fruit put to Korilakkuma container. ugly Korilakkuma Needle Felted ^_^ Anyway, kids love it and request for more other animals =_=" Hopefully I can squeeze my time to make for them :D 

Hope you like today's Korilakkuma Obento post. Have a nice day & happy reading!


  1. Woow! another cute bento & cute Needle Felted again!! I want too!!^^

    1. aww...thank you sweetie ^_^ My needle felted craft still need to be improve :) If you don't mind my ugly work I can just make one for you ^_^


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