Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bento2014#Aug28~Kitty-Chan Again

Non-stop Hello Kitty theme bento this week!!! Looks like after my visit to Bangkok Hello Kitty House Cafe still made me think about Hello Kitty :D Whenever I started to do my sketches.....still prefer to design Kitty-chan!! hahaha Better think about other design next week!!!

Well, today's lunch I cooked some pasta with tomato paste (sauce at container) This bento is simple and I'm sure you all can do it ^_^

Here is the closer look of the Hello Kitty Egg sheet. I use the same bento box (picture above) to cut out eggsheet for circle shape. Freehand scissor cut out nori for Kitty-chan face features. Underneath is the cooked pasta. Tomato ketchup as ribbon ^_^

Pour the tomato pasta sauce into the small container with cover. Arrange the sausages on top of cover container and follow by adding broccoli and tamagoyaki. Lastly, decorate with some kawaii HK food picks!

Ta-daa....isn't easy? Hope you like it too ^_^ Happy Thursday!


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