Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun18~Hello Kitty Costume Girl

Continue to made my Variety Yoyo Costume girl but this time I design her into Sanrio character ^_^ The mobile Variety Yoyo wallpaper theme don't have Sanrio theme but I'll continue use the different face features from the app :D

Here's the closer look of the Variety Yoyo costume girl. I dressed her up as Hello Kitty since is my daughter's favourite Sanrio character. As usual, shape the rice using cling wrap and mix rice with ketchup for face/body. Then continue shape the white rice for Hello Kitty costume ^_^ I add on the legs and crabstick (red part) for the dress/ribbon. Punch out nori for Hello Kitty details and some of the nori I freehand scissor cut.

I add another Hello Kitty made of quail egg and add all the details then add ribbon pick ^_^

For side dishes: Pea sprouts, chicken seaweed, samosa yam. I pack the apple at separate container (not in the picture).

Hope you like today's costume :) Happy Wednesday!  

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