Friday, 2 May 2014

Homecooked Hello Kitty Meal

Opps....I made Hello Kitty Inari again for today's dinner meal. Hope you won't bored to see ^_^ Actually I didn't plan to made any foodart for dinner but I just want to try out the HK silicon mould (bought during Bangkok trips) to steam eggs. The steamed eggs turned out pretty good except some bubbles on it =_=" I didn't follow any recipes but just cook my usual normal style (lazy style) if you like to try out just simply follow your recipes ^_^

Here's the close up steamed eggs ^_^ Do you notice two different colours? Three darker yellow and the other three light yellow :p This is due to I use two types of eggs! Why so troublesome? Because I thought beat two eggs can filled up all 6 silicon moulds!! I'm so naive :D That's the reason I took another two normal eggs (run out of kampung/village eggs). The top part was smooth after steamed but flip over the HK faces have bubbles :( Perhaps you can enlighten me if you know the reason. Thanks in advance!

More closer looked from the plate ^_^ So sad to see Hello Kitty face lots of bubbles :(
Underneath the steamed eggs, I stir-fried Bok Choy veggies with fresh button mushrooms.

Simple Hello Kitty Inari, this time I use rice mould to shape instead of cling wrap. Ribbon and flower made from apples and the nose made from steamed egg by just using the cutter to cut out. Punch out nori for the details and freehand scissor cut out the eye lashes ^_^

It's seafood day for my family on every Friday so I cooked simple prawn & baby squids with tomato paste :) 

Ta-da.....Homecooked Hello Kitty Dinner Meal for today's post! I hope you like it and happy weekend ^_^ Cheers!


  1. So adorable, the eggs turned out great!

  2. You are amazing! For me that is real art :-)

  3. the prawn in tomato paste looks great! and cute eggs!


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