Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bento2014#May27~Lion Bento

This morning after taking pictures from hubby's Nikon camera forgot to take out the SD card that I usually will do =_=" So today's post will be late....for those who keeps on reading my updates, thank you for your time :) Your words means a lot to me so that my blog can continue for my kids future remembrance. 

Haha....this is my simple sketched in the office for Instagram update :p Usually will update my IG account in the morning but.....no bento picture....so post my drawing :D 

Roar.....lion made from french toast. Cut out circle shape for lion's head and put on top of the french toast. Arrange tamagoyaki along the lion head as fur (Inspired by Hippomum's Bento Book) Lastly, cut out the details and carrot too! To let the nori stay firm, I add kaya spread (sticky).

Ta-da....simple lunch bento for every Tuesday! Hope you like it!


  1. Haha.... We got the same hobby, drawing something cute! :D
    Your drawing is so cute, showing your real talent dear ^^

  2. Love your drawing! The bento looks exactly like your picture! Very cute!


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