Monday, 6 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan06~Legofriends MIA

Happy New Year 2014!!! How's everyone celebration? Am I too late of asking since my BLOG has been frozen too long =_=" Well, today I'm back on making bento for my kids cause is their first day school reopen after 3 weeks of holidays ^_^ For those of you had followed me at Instagram....noticed that I posted some photos from Legoland Malaysia. As well bought this pink lego box for my girl! Why only one?? Well, my son had grown up and I did asked him but he said a bit childish for him to bring to school :p Okay, good for me!! Haha...

Back to today's bento, I decided to made MIA. One of the Legofriends character. I did some sketches during the weekend before I made into bento. I hardly draw for all my last year 2013 bento but this year, I thought of some changes to sketch it before I made ^_^ 

  • Rice mixed with ketchup and shape it into a ball and two "C" hands (cling wrap)
  • Kombu/konbu for Mia's hair-do, eyes, lashes, nose and lips (freehand)
  • Crabstick (White) for eyeballs.  (cutter)
  • Crabstick (Red) for flower on Mia's hair (flower cutter)
  • Sides: Chicken seaweed wrap, checker apple and broccoli
I hope you will enjoy reading my first New Year 2014 post and like it ^_^ Below I'm sharing some of the Legoland Malaysia photos that I've posted at Instagram. Happy Monday!!


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  1. The bento so cute! I can't wait to go to Legoland too!

    1. Yes...come visit Legoland ^_^ Thanks for liking it Jean :)

  2. So lovely!! Can't wait to check out the hotel!


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