Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bento#Nov07~Penguins Kyaraben

Bought this Penguin rice mould set from Japan quite some finally open ceremony  ^_^ As you can see the penguins rice from the above photo that I didn't pressed properly :( No time to amend it or redo so I just leave it....You can see the details of the Penguin rice mould set picture from the end of this post. This set comes with nori cutter that you don't have to scissor cut out the details! *Note: Just sharing not a review post
A closer look of my failure penguins....huhuhu.....I stir-fried spinach with wolfberry and arranged at the bottom of the penguins. Two fish balls with kawaii fish picks! Two better looking penguins facing in front but the ugly one needs to turn away...haha...
Opps....penguins too hot?? I add pretty hats that Bento Berries sponsored quite some time ^_^ Lovely right? For another container, I add chicken drummet (airfryer) and some strawberries. Well, at least I finished in time and still managed to took some photos! I hope you will like today's post. Cheers!

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