Monday, 8 July 2013

Bento#July08~Tooth Decay Bento Lunch

Today I'm going to follow Hippomum's 你也可以輕鬆做的愛心便當75種bento book. This is also part of the rules to enter her Facebook page month of July 2013 bento submission. Anyway, I liked ALL of Hippomum's bentos but this "Tooth Decay" bento attracted me to made because my daughter two days ago, her milk tooth dropped after she bites the fishball :D Well, is not her tooth decay but is her milk tooth!!! Seem that she still have pre-molars and molars to go =_="
Tooth made from fishballs, cheese, nori, crabstick and toasted spaghetti strips.
Candy made from carrot and crabstick that I freely knife cut.
Broccoli, cucumber, carrots, smoked ham as flower, chicken cutlet, apricot and cherry tomato. Underneath the tooth fishballs, I add rice with seasoning and cover with nori. The Tooth Decay idea comes from Hippomum's bento book. And many more awesome bentos recipes and ideas from the book if you can understand mandarin. But if you don't understand how to read, you still can understand her how she made her bento by looking at the pictures!! Just like I don't understand Japanese but still purchased Japanese bento books!!
Here is the looked of Hippomum's bento book and good news is there will be book two coming out soon!! Yay....going to grab one ^_^


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