Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bento#July03~Despicable Me Agnes & Unicorns

Yesterday saw few awesome Despicable Me Minions bentos from Facebook. Looks like this week will be Minions fever!!! Honestly, I thought of making Despicable Me little girl Agnes first and her favourite fluffy unicorns ^_^ Will do the Minions for my next bento.
Agnes kyaraben made from rice mixed with ketchup and used cling wrap to shaped. Then add nori for her hair and all the details.
Unicorn made from rice, nori and eggsheet.
Underneath, I add some Pink Noodles (didn't add a lot =_=")
Side dishes have tamagoyaki, smoked ham, crabroll and slices of oranges. I hope you will like this Despicable Me Agnes & Unicorn bento lunch ^_^ I can't wait to bring my kids to watch the movie this coming weekend :)  

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