Monday, 24 June 2013

Bento#June24A~Monsters University

Last Friday brought my kids watched Monsters University so I thought of made one since it's been quite some times I'm lazy to made character snack :p Again I'm using Trudeau Fuel bento box for this snack since I need a square box. Just nice and fits well for both MU characters! Since is about university must have some study tools so the only picks I can find was crayon picks that was sponsored by Bento Berries
Mike Wazowski made from laughing cow cheese spread with crushed green fondants onto corn bread. 
Sulley Sullivan also made from laughing cow cheese spread with crushed blue fondants onto corn bread.
Both characters were two slices of corn bread with peanut butter but the top piece decorate into Mike & Sulley. 
Nori/seaweed for the details.
Some grapes and a pack of strawberry Kit-Kat. I hope you will like this simple ideas but waste little bit of time crushing those fondants. My family enjoyed the movie so much especially Mike Wazowski young age was totally CUTE!!!   


  1. awesome.. another lovely Monster Inc./ Monster university Bento (^_^).. Lov it!

  2. Oooo just saw another Monster bento made by 5AM, everyone is monstering!! :P hehheh maybe I should too :P

    cute bento!fondant idea is new!

    1. hehe....looking forward to your awesome MU bento :)

  3. So cute! Love it!


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