Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bento#April30A~Bear Kodomo no Hi

This afternoon I baked Mexico Bread. Gosh....wasn't easy and I don't think successful =_=" But still turn out good taste after my son ate and he said yummy ^_^ Luckily tomorrow is a Public Holiday!! I can sleep longer n have a good REST!! My body seems tired and slightly feverish again....my hubby scolded me why I still do house chores and baking!!!! Can't I just REST!!! Haha.....got scolded :p
Anyway, here is my first attempt baking Mexico Bread. I followed the recipe book and I don't know where gone wrong....I think need to practice more but wait I fully recover first :D To made the pictures nice, I added some face expression!
A closer look of the bread. I add cheese for eyes and mouth then freehand cut out nori to stick on it as BEAR. 
The carp streamer was cheese bun (bought from bakery shop). I cut the tail and pressed the cheese bun to fit in the box. Add cheese/nori for eye and used cutter to cut cheese scales. Lastly, add strawberry, marshmallows and mini sweet cake. Simple Bear Japan Children's Day theme bento snack. Hope you all will like it! Cheers!


  1. your buns still look delicious to me! :)

  2. They are adorable and looks so yummy!:) Hope you recover soon!

  3. The buns look sooo nice. one for me please :P

    get well soon and please rest!

  4. Love this! So cute! And get well soon!


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