Friday, 1 March 2013

What I love about "Asia Food Recipe"

Hello everyone!! I'm going to write a post regarding about "Asia Food Recipe" that I've been frequently read or liked at their Facebook page. Since I'm making bento for my children, to get more ideas or recipes...I liked to read or browse their website or from other bento bloggers! There were too many to read: Recipes, Articles and Crafts! Let me showed you some of the images that I liked it so much with tutorial pictures as well!! Do check out the link from the picture if you like to read more recipes ^_^
 I'm sure some of you already know Bento Monsters blog! In Asia Food Recipe website can get to see her bento recipes too! Look at the amazing Christmas theme bento ^_^ Lovely! Check out the links:
Here is another kyaraben, its Hello Kitty kyaraben!! My girl's favourtie :) This is from Shirley Wong from Little Miss Onigiri blog. Pretty sure you know her blog right? Here is the links of her tutorial:
Next, my baby nephew favourite cartoon character ELMO ^_^ This is from CG Cutegallery bento! I loved her blog as well :p Look at the cute Elmo made from tomatos. Do check out the links:

Not just Asia Food Recipe website, you may view such as 

Win giveaways contest at their Facebook fan page @ 

I hope one day can have the time to take the tutorial pictures of my bentos and perhaps can have the chance to share at Asia Food Recipe weblink but I'm a working mum :( Most of my morning cooking lunch bento always racing with the time :D
Thank you so much for those of you keep on reading my blog post! Wish you all have a wonderful weekend with loved ones and family. Hugs & Cheers!


  1. Awwww, tks for sharing my bento. :) Yah, understand the part abt time, they asked me to submit bento recipes for them to make into video but I've to reject, coz really no time. Sign. :(

    1. You're most welcome Ming ^^ I'm your huge fan :p

  2. Awwww thank u my dear for sharing this. *blush*

    1. My pleasure dear!! Your kyaraben always lovely and yummy!! I'm one of ur huge fan too!! Hope to meet u up one day...*wink


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