Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bento#Feb11~Valentine's Day Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel

Two more days will be Happy Valentine's Day!! I made a Valentine's Day theme bento for my girl's lunch at home ^_^ As usual, her favourites ~Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel~
Shaped the cooked rice mixed with Sakura powder with cling wrapper and arranged it in the middle. Boiled broccoli and crab stick that I used cutter to out the heart shape and arranged on top of the broccoli. Next, used Hello Kitty cookie cutter to cut out the egg white sheet for their face and trim away some egg white sheet for Dear Daniel. Freehand cut out nori for eyes, eyelashes, whiskers and hair. I also use cutter to cut the egg white sheet for their hands holding "LOVE" pick! Sweet corn for their nose and now I looked at the picture...looks too big for them =_=" haha :D
Here are the cutters that I've used for Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel.
Sweet corn, pan-fried fish and egg sheet as flower with leaf pick. Cut grapes as heart shape and secure with heart picks! Used flower cutter to the apple and take smaller flower cutter to cut the middle apple and trim away the skin. 
Here is the flower cookie cutters that I've used for the flower apples!
This small flower cutters I used for the crab stick flower that I deco on top of the pan-fried fish. Just overlapped the red/white crab stick after cut out.
For those who wondering what type of scissor I'm using for freehand cut the nori? Especially small details ^_^ 
These two bento tools that I used most often especially the scissor :) Is an eyebrow trim scissor that I bought for bento used not for my eyebrows! Haha...
 I hope you will have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones! Not just on that day but everyday also Valentine's Day!! Hope you will like this bento too and can feel the love all around you..... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Hugs~


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