Monday, 4 February 2013

Bento#Feb04~CNY Wealth Of Flowering花开富贵

I'm making another CNY theme for snack bento~Wealth Of Flowering花开富贵~ As you can see the flower blooming!! Pretty right? I just used flower cutter mold that I've bought from 100 yens shop :)
Take one slice of bread (if used color bread even better). Take the flower cutter mold to cut out then I spread some strawberry chocolate and sprinkle some crushed pink fondant on top.
The second flower blooming in yellow and white colour. Same method, I cut out slice of white bread then cut out egg sheet for yellow colour. Combine the bread and egg sheet together by overlapping each other. You can used ham instead of egg sheet ^_^ Just have fun with the flower cutter!
Next, I put the alphabets "Wealth Of Flower" fondant on top of cheese and stick to the nori. Follow the flower shape and cut out the nori then put to toaster to toast a bit. Next, I add mandarin orange with leaf pick :)
Lastly, I added haw flakes, raisin and marshmallow to filled up the empty part. I hope you will like this simple CNY theme bento ^_^ Cheers! 
 This is flower cutter mold that I used for this bento ^_^
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  1. Very pretty and fast, I like the colors you hace used for the flowers.
    It would be great if I could find a cutter like this, but I've never seen.

    1. Thanks Mayumi (*¯︶¯*)Hope you could find the cutter as is pretty easy to used!


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