Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bento#11~Simple lunch bento

This is a simple lunch bento without any special theme design. Woke up early morning to prepare. In this bento have rice with sprinkle of seaweeed/sesame/sauce & press out from triangle rice mold. Decorate the rice with nori & bottom with orange slices. Stir-fried some spinach with straw mushroom and also pan-fried smiley potato & cheese nugget. While cooking, I boil some quail egg. After all done, I place all ingredients into the bento box. Bon appetit!!
Another thing that I like to share this good news to all that my Chang Er bento had won for the September 2012 @ HippoMum facebook page. I'm overjoyed & honored too! Creating or making bento takes effort & interest. Especially making art piece with small details. I will work hard & try my best as well keep on learning. Hope you all will share this happy moments with me. Thank you so much for supporting & read my blog. Cheers!

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