Sunday, 25 May 2014

Apple Roses Puff Pastry 苹果玫瑰起酥派

Recently I found an android app "Dodocook多多开伙" and I installed it ^_^ Now I can easily scrolled through my android phone find recipes but my mandarin little bit rusty....haha... Well, I liked most of the recipes by 主厨Mei and if you want to learn can click from HERE. Very simple tutorial and even I'm not a good baker also can baked :D

I didn't took the step by step while making as this recipes was from 主厨Mei :) I took one picture before let the pastry go to the oven. Notice one different pastry? Haha...that was the cut out pastry so don't waste. There is more cut out balance pastry that I just mixed together and make smaller apple roses. (Picture can be view end of the post)

Here's the close up puff pastry for photo takings ^_^ 

Haha...this is the balance cut out pastry looked like after oven baked! 

Hope you will like today's post & check out 主厨Mei recipes ^_^ Happy Sunday!


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