Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb27~Hinamatsuri Obento

On March 3rd will be Hinamatsuri also called as Doll's Day or Girl's Day that is a special day in Japan. Last year I made few designed of Hinamatsuri Bento (will shared the links at the end of this post) so this year might as well made few designed too ^_^ Today's Hinamatsuri Obento lunch ideas from Pinterest. I assumed from one of the Japanese mum as I can't find the links on the picture. I loved this idea and pretty easy to made :) I just made some changes on the Emperess fan.

Here's the close look of the Emperor made of onigiri (rice mixed with green furikake and chicken floss fillings) holding a ritual baton made of brocoli stem. Nori for deatils and red food gel for cheeks.

Here's the close look of the Empress made of onigiri (Mizkan sushi pink mixed with rice and chicken floss fillings) holding a fan made of crabstick (use straw to cut the holes) Nori for the details and red food gel for cheeks.

I hope you will like my today's Hinamatsuri Obento. Have a great day!

Last Year 2013 Hinamatsuri Obento 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb26~Hug Me Hello Kitty

Opps....making Hello Kitty theme again ^_^ I've noticed that many cutters that I bought hardly used =_=" So here I made Ham Kitty waiting for HUGS for my daughter's lunch bento. Pretty much easy by just using cutter and add on the nori details. The "Hug Me" egg container comes with different colours and designed. Perfectly matched my today's theme :)

A closer look of my Hello Kitty Ham and cute egg "Hug Me" contains chicken floss instead of hard boiled egg. I shape two onigiri rice mixed with furikake and wrap the ham by adding spaghetti strip to secured. Punch out nori for kitty-chan details and lastly add ribbon pick :)

For side dishes just simple ingredients: broccoli, quail egg, sausage and mandarin orange/apples.

I hope you will like it and have a nice day! Hugs!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb25~Hello Kitty Pancake

Today's lunch bento very simple and little food :p Due to my daughter requested less food on every Tuesday that they need to practice choral speaking during their lunch break =_=" So I decided to made Hello Kitty Pancake instead of sandwich. I used Cornell Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker to made pancake. Butter at small hk container and cut out some hk apples using cookie cutter :)

Here is the close up Hello Kitty Pancake ^_^ Cute?? Hehehe..... 

I hope you will like it! Have a great day ^_^

Monday, 24 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb24~Chococat Bento

It's another Monday.....time passed so fast!!! 

I tried to made different Sanrio characters so saw this Chococat simply too cute and easy to made ^_^ Perhaps some of you already knew Chococat. I think start to love this cute black cat!! Haha... Well, today's lunch bento is fried mee hoon that I covered up with eggsheet so that I can put Chococat on top.

Here is the closer look of Chococat made from nori seaweed. First, I draw on baking paper then scissor cut out together with nori. Apply some mayonnaise so that the nori can stick onto the eggsheet. For Chococat eyes were crabstick and eyeballs were kombu. Decorate some carrot flower at the side.

For side dishes: Air-fry drummets, broccoli and apple carved as leaf :)

Ta-da....I hope you will like today's Chococat Bento!! Happy Monday to all :)   

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb20~Miffy Bento

Today's bento lunch I cooked shell pasta with tomato mushroom sauce. Simple Miffy tamagoyaki designed since I'm using Miffy Thermos lunch box ^_^ I know today dishes will used up much time so I tried to made it as simple as I could with less details :p

Here is my close up look MIFFY ^_^ After cooked the shell pasta & tomato pasta sauce, I poured the sauce first then covered with shell pasta. Next, I arrange the mushroom at the side and cut out tamagoyaki, put on the middle. Punch out nori seaweed for the eyes & mouth then finished with cute ribbon & carrot pick.

For side dishes: broccoli, prawn and pan-fry salmon. At another container will contain some mandarin oranges.

I hope you will like my Miffy bento lunch and also hope you all have a Happy Thursday! Hugs!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb19~Mushroom TOTORO

It's My Neighbor Totoro theme again ^_^ I want to transform the whole mushroom into a character, so I did thought of making a bear but not cute enough :p End up I decided to made TOTORO!!! Again I missed out the whiskers & a leaf on top of the head =_="

First, I stir-fry the veggies together with capsicum, corn & mushroom. Next, I mixed the rice with furikake then pour into the bento box. Pressed evenly and I start to arrange the rest of the cooked ingredients. It is fun making like a food art bento box ^_^ 

Hard boiled egg cut into half and I just add some nori seaweed to made as a bee :) 

For side dishes: Mini taiwanese sausages and some apples.

Simple Totoro bento and I hope you will like it ^_^ Happy Wednesday to ALL :)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb18~Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori Obento

Today's lunch bento was inspired by an image of a curtains that I saw it from 100 yens shop quite some times ago :p So did a quick sketched last night and this morning instead of making tiny strawberries....end up making apple :D 

Here's a close up look of my Korilakkuma made out of cheese (use toothpick to trim freely) Punch out nori using puncher and add on top of the cheese. Corn and sweet pea for flowers and crabsticks using heart shape mini cutter to cut as apples. Small basket made from sweet pea and I add few apples (crabstick) inside ^_^

Kiiroitori made of quail egg that I use cutter to cut out for the body. For side dishes: tempura prawn, fish fillet, broccoli, sweeat pea & grapes.
*Sorry for the over expose image =_=" 

Opps.....I forgot to add the Korilakkuma furikake packet together for photo takings.....oh well, I do hope you will like my today's lunch bento post and Happy Tuesday to all! Hugs!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb17~Cinnamoroll & Mocha

Last night my daughter requested for Cinnamoroll character for her lunch bento. So today I made one for her as well add pretty Mocha character together ^_^ Cinnamoroll Sanrio character with blue eyes but I don't have the time to made so just freehand scissor cut out nori seaweed :p 

A closer look of my Cinnamoroll kyaraben ^_^ Shape it with cling wrap and add nori seaweed for eyes & lips. Red food gel for cheeks and freely cut out the tail (crabstick).

I pan-fry meat patties for Mocah character and add nori seaweed for the details. Underneath Mocha is yellow capsicum and next to it filled with broccoli and some blueberries :)

I hope you will like my today's Cinnamoroll & Mocha bento ^_^ Happy Monday!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day~My Neighbor Totoro & Mei Kusakabe's Valentine's Day!!! 

No lunch bento for my kids today since is Friday (half day) school session. But I made Valentine's theme food art few days ago for my today's post ^_^ Here I wish those of you who're celebrating "Happy Valentine's Day"

I made My Neighbor Totoro & Mei Kusakabe food art. All used cling wrap to shape them and freehand cut out kombu & nori for the details. Red and white details were the crabstick. Fishball for Chibi-Totoro ^_^ The cut out words, I used alphabet cutters and lastly add some okra, mushroom for some green!! 

I hope you will like my today's foodart. Hugs & kisses!!!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb13~Smurfette Love

La la la la comes Smurfette singing with LOVE as tomorrow will be Happy Valentine's Day ^_^ My daughter loves Smurfette among all the smurfs and pretty sure you will know why??? Ha ha ha.....very obvious because she a female!! Actually I didn't do any sketched last night due to quite busy with my office worked so pretty tired to think & draw  =_=" The idea of making Smurfette was the blue glutinous rice :) My mum passed me some of the Nyonya steamed blue glutinous rice last night and my mind was thinking......hmm....Smurfette is BLUE!!! Haha...

Normally this Nyonya steamed blue glutinous rice eats together with kaya so I did add some at the small bunny sauce container. Instead of making egg sheet for her hair, I add yellow capsicum :p Crabstick for hat and eyes. The rest of the details for nori will be freehand scissor cut ^_^ Red capsicum for heart shape as well some broccoli at the side.

I hope you will like my simple Smurfette design ^_^ Have a great day!! Hugs!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb12~Mickey & Minnie

Today I am going write my last night dinner bento for myself!! Yes.....not making for my girl but for MYSELF :D 
Well, actually I want to use my new Kokeshi Bento box that I bought from Bento&Co. I made Disney character Valentine's Day theme : Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse ^_^ 

*Note: This is not a review for Kokeshi Bento Box or sponsored by Bento&Co but just mainly my point of interest & sharing. Thanks!

I used Mickey & Minnie cookie cutter to cut out the cheese and kombu. Freehand scissor cut out for Minnie eyelashes and penknife cut out for their lips :) 

Simple dinner dishes: Spare ribs carrot soup with red dates, tomato scramble eggs and stir-fried veggie with chicken lean meats.

I hope you will like my today's post. Wonder what should I made for tomorrow lunch?? Hmmm....

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb11~Dear Daniel & Hello Kitty

Yesterday my daughter showed me the Hello Kitty poster from one of the magazine. So I did a simple sketched and make used of the quail eggs as Hello Kitty theme ^_^ Yup....another Sanrio character after yesterday posts :p Well, my daughter won't get bored of it :)

  • Dear Daniel & Hello Kitty : quail egg, nori, crabstick. 
  • Heart shape background : Furikake sprinkle comes with flowers
  • Accessories : Cap, red ribbon & flower picks.
For side dishes: Monbento sauce container contain ketchup, gyoza, edamame, beancurd roll with carrot & long bean. Blueberries & grapes as well ^_^

I hope you will enjoy reading my today's post!! Hugs!!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb10~Hello Kitty Love~

Love in the air....... Today's lunch post will be Hello Kitty Love that I find it very easy to made ^_^ Don't need a mould to shape Hello Kitty face and save a lot of time by just adding the rice onto the bento box. I hope you will like it.

Actually I wanted to used this bento box to filled up the rice as Kitty-chan face but noticed that my broccoli have no space to add for another bento box =_=" Oh well, so idea changed and I think it turn out pretty good ^_^  Simple ingredients: Rice, kombu, crabstick, broccoli. For Kitty-chan whiskers, I used Cutezcute cutter. As for the eyes & bow, I used Hello Kitty bread mould.

For side dishes: Chicken wrap seaweed, prawn, carrots (heart), crabstick (balance), grapes & blueberries.

I hope this Hello Kitty Love bento can brighten up your Monday blues......Hugs!!! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb06~Pucca Kisses

Anybody like PUCCA character?? If I don't learn to packed bento lunches for my kids.....I think until today I don't know who is she =_=" Well, I wanted to made Garu & Pucca for Valentine's Day theme that I saw from a picture but I think is not suitable for my daughter to bring to school so I made Pucca Kisses instead ^_^ 

A closer look of PUCCA <3 Underneath the minced beef is rice and I shaped PUCCA using cling wrap. Don't need any tools for shaping her ^_^ Simple ingredients for PUCCA: rice, nori & crabstick.

Side dishes: sweet corn, okra, carrot and grapes.

Simple and pretty PUCCA kyaraben ^_^I hope you will like it. Hugs & kisses...... 

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