Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb19~Mushroom TOTORO

It's My Neighbor Totoro theme again ^_^ I want to transform the whole mushroom into a character, so I did thought of making a bear but not cute enough :p End up I decided to made TOTORO!!! Again I missed out the whiskers & a leaf on top of the head =_="

First, I stir-fry the veggies together with capsicum, corn & mushroom. Next, I mixed the rice with furikake then pour into the bento box. Pressed evenly and I start to arrange the rest of the cooked ingredients. It is fun making like a food art bento box ^_^ 

Hard boiled egg cut into half and I just add some nori seaweed to made as a bee :) 

For side dishes: Mini taiwanese sausages and some apples.

Simple Totoro bento and I hope you will like it ^_^ Happy Wednesday to ALL :)


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