Friday, 31 August 2012

Bento#05~Apple with cute worm

Star shape sandwiches :) And home made jelly using hello kitty mould. Add some apple & flower shape pasta for decorate the bento. I managed to took some pictures of the making. Hope you all will like it ^^

1) Add fillings between the 2 slices of corn/carrot bread.
2) Big star shape cutter to cut out both slices of yellow bread.
3) Next the apple, you need to cut the apple shape first. Make sure is in the middle.
4) Used the same apple cutter to cut out from cucumber.
5) Put the white bread on top of the yellow bread then add in strawberry jam & cucumber for the stem.
6) Crabmeat for worm, use the cutter or freehand trim out will do the same.
7) For the eyes, I used nori puncher.
8) To make as the worm eatting the apple, I add in the small bread.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bento#04~McDonald Hello Kitty Lion

Another Hong Kong McDonald Hello Kitty~Lion costume~ Actually after I've done the bento & took picture...still didn't notice I forgot to add ribbon!! Until when I view from my pc saw something is missing :( Oh well....too late to add the ribbon so I edit it with photoscape. Pardon me for the fake ribbon :p Back to how I make hello kitty? I used white bread for kitty face & paw. Check out the step by step below:
First I cut out the oval shape from a pancake then same method with white bread. As you can see from the picture, I put the kitty white face into the pancake. Then I trim out the whole body. Next the paws. As for the orange part, I used cooked carrot to cut out the legs & costume collar. Add in all the details with boiled seaweed or dry seaweed also can. As for the lion fur, I used inari (sweet beancurd skin) to make it. Bottom of the hello kitty lion, I put in the left over inside, arrange it properly :) As you can see from the last picture was without the ribbon :( Anyway, my daughter still like her bento ^^

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bento#03~McDonald Hello Kitty

Too bad I can't collect the Hong Kong McDonald Hello Kitty :( So I suprised my daughter by making as bento for her school snack ^^ For making as duckling, you need corn bread or carrot bread. I took some step by step picture, hope you'll can understand.
The yellow blouse I did trim again (no picture) due to match the face & look balance.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bento#02~Olympic Soldier

Olympic 2012 theme bento ^^ I make two England soldiers from rice, nori, crabmeat stick & cheese. Decorate the rest with sausages & green pea. As for the trophy freehand trim out from cooked carrot :p The olympic rings are make out of eggsheet with food coloring except for the black, I mixed with dark soy sauce.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bento#01~Angry Birds

Pretty sexy angry bird make from rice ^^ The pink part I mixed with sakura powder using plastic foil to press out the shape & combine the white rice bottom. Bought some angry bird fishcake from wet market, just nice to decorate the bento :) Filled up chicken nugget, broccoli & carrots.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bento#Year 2011 to 2012

Hello everyone ^_^ I started to made bento since year August 2010. After posting many pictures at my personal Facebook, I decided to open a Facebook page as well together write a blog for keeping all the memories and journey of making bentos for my children. Here I just picked some of my past year creations. You can see how I started to learn putting foods into the bento box. I inspired by my sister in law's friend : Ai Ping from her amazing bento works and blog "KidsDreamWork" !