Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bento2014J#Jan28~CNY My Neighbor Totoro & Mei

Yesterday I've received a called from Ajinomoto Malaysia that My Neighbor Totoro & Mei bento had won!!! Woohoo....So to celebrate my excitement & joy, I came out this same theme to made a CNY bento creation ^_^ To view my older version bento that I've won at Ajinomoto Malaysia please click HERE.

Here is Mei closed up looked ^_^ Happily & joyfully celebrate this coming CNY festival!!!
  • Mei : Tomato ketchup mixed with rice, nori & crabstick for all details
  • Hair : Kombu
  • Totoro : Nori, rice, kombu, crabstick & spaghetti for whiskers
  • White totoro : Fishballs & nori
For side dishes: grapes, chicken wing, spinach & punch out the "福" then stick onto crabstick. I hope you will like my today's post and lastly I wish all of my Chinese friends, followers, new visitors Happy Horse Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan27~CNY Hello Kitty

Gong Xi Fa Cai恭喜发财!!! Continue my CNY bento creation and how can I missed out my daughter's favourite Sanrio character?? Haha.....so today I made Hello Kitty wears Cheongsam dress and wishes "GongXi" ^_^ 

A closer look of my Hello Kitty ^_^ Lovely and pretty don't you think?? So what's the ingredients?  Underneath is fried rice.
  • Hello Kitty : Imitation crabstick, nori, eggyolk sheet
  • Cheongsam : Imitation crabstick, nori, flower furikake 
  • Background : Kombu, eggyolk sheet, crabstick

For side dishes: Broccoli, Chicken drummet, prawn and apple. I hope you will like my today's bento post and tomorrow will be my kids last day of school. One week CNY break for them as well myself :D

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan23~Orange Family CNY

Gong Xi Fa Cai恭喜发财!!! Continued my CNY countdown....all kids loved to received "Ang Pao" (red packet) So last night sketched out this theme all related to CNY. I made Mama orange gives Baby orange red packet and you can noticed that Baby orange give Mama Orange an orange (can't find suitable pick) Hope you can feel the CNY festival getting nearer :D

  • Orange rice : Ketchup mixed with rice, nori for face details
  • Cheeks : Red food gel
  • Sweet pea, small mandarin oranges, chicken seaweed wrap
  • Ang Pao : Cherry tomato

I hope you will like my today's post ^_^ Cheers!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan22~Horsey Girl Bento

Coming Chinese New Year will be Year of Horse!!! So here is my 2nd CNY bento creation for countdown. I made a girl wearing a horse costume to celebrate coming festival ^_^ Spend more time while making them and almost run out of time =_=" Luckily managed to get it done but no time to arrange the background and snap snap snap (photos) :D

Follow my sketched and didn't know it will took me more time to made the horse!!! Almost fail to look like a "horse" =_=" Gosh....but I'm not the give up type of person unless not enough time!!!
  • Horse : Sweet dark sauce mixed with rice, white rice, kombu & seaweed
  • Girl : Ketchup mixed with rice, seaweed, crabstick, red food gel for cheeks
  • Firecrackers : Crabstick
  • Green : Broccoli
  • Salmon, sweet corns & ingots made of egg yolk sheet
I hope you will like my today's CNY theme bento the Year of Horse ^_^ So what should I make next?? Looks like I need to sit down and sketch.....hahaha....  

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan20~Fortune Cat Girl

Lately my neighborhood started to played firecrackers and decorated their houses with lanterns. Can feel the Chinese New Year moods surround my neighborhood already :D So this week theme I'll try my best to design CNY bento. Today's bento will be "Fortune Cat Girl"since I've a Fortune Cat vase at home :p I made girl onigiri dressup as Fortune Cat and some 元宝yuanbao or ingots!!

Here is the closer look of my Fortune Cat Girl &  元宝 ^_^
  • Fortune Cat : Rice, crabstick, corn, seaweed/nori
  • Girl : Ketchup mixed with rice, nori for face details
  • 元宝 : Eggyolk sheet and sweet corn underneath
  • Broccoli and Teriyaki drummet

What do you think?? I hope my first CNY bento Fortune Cat Girl will brighten up your Monday Blue ^_^ Haha....

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan16~My Melody Birthday

Do you like My Melody? Also do you know that My Melody birthday falls on 18th January? I don't know but since I saw it from the Google and decided to made an advance birthday bento for My Melody theme ^_^ Both Hello Kitty & My Melody Sanrio characters my daughter loved it so much and I prefer My Melody due to it's a rabbit!!! Haha....

  • Pink : Mixed the rice with Mizkan sushi pink
  • White : Rice
  • Eyes/Lip : Kombu
  • Yellow : Sweet corn
  • Red : Imitation crabstick
  • Green : Broccoli
  • Yellow : Sweet corn
  • Birthday cake : Fishcake, kombu, crabstick, corn for candle light 
  • Brown : Minced beef
  • My Melody sauce container : Mayonnaise
  • Dessert : Small mandarin orange
I hope you will like my today's My Melody Birthday bento and good news for me that tomorrow is a Public Holiday!!! Woohoo....long weekend with more cleaning to do....hahaha....next week I should start making Chinese New Year bento creation!!! Lastly, Happy Birthday to My Melody <3


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan15~Sanrio Pandapple

Yesterday was a busy day and until late evening I did my sketched for tomorrow bento :p While looking at all the Sanrio characters, I spotted this cute Pandapple ^_^ All the while making Hello Kitty/My Melody didn't noticed this cute panda :p Pandapple is a panda wearing apple hat and striped shirt but I changed to apple shirt instead (thought is cute) Hopefully didn't spoil the whole image :D
Here is the closer look of the Pandapple holding red crayon because apple is RED :D Haha
  • White : Onigiri rice with meat floss fillings
  • Black : Nori wrap the rice using cling wrap to shape the ears & legs
  • Green : Broccoli
  • Brown : Surimi Inari wrap
  • Underneath the Pandapple: Leftover chicken mushroom from last night dinner :p

Simple Panda apple shape cut out from panda cookie mould. Add some small mandarin oranges to another small Panda bento box.

I used CasaBento sponsored bento box to matched my today's Panda theme ^_^ I hope you will like it and enjoy reading too! Hugs!

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan13~Rilakkuma Bento

How's your weekend? I had a wonderful joyful day yesterday, hang out with my buddies....eat/laugh/chats :D How nice but back to reality we still have to work and every week bento so today's post will be Rilakkuma Bear ^_^ Very simple design and easy to make!! Good news that tomorrow is a Public holiday for us....woohoo....can rest one day (no bento) and continue my spring cleaning :p

  • Brown : Rice mixed with dark sweet sauce
  • Yellow : Cheese
  • Black : Kombu/seaweed
  • Red : Honey cherry tomato
  • Small mandarin orange
  • Broccoli, carrots, sweet pea
  • Gyoza
  • Rilakkuma container contain the balance cut out inari skin :p
I hope you will enjoy reading my today's Rilakkuma post and hope that you will visit my blog again. Hugs! 

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hello Kitty Moods~Breakkie & Lunch

Chinese New Year getting nearer and most of the Chinese family will do spring cleaning. Instead of bored to do all the cleaning..... I start out with cute breakfast!!! Yes!!! Cute means HelloKitty ^_^ Haha.... Well, I don't want to eat toast bread so I made pancakes, using the Cornell Hello Kitty sandwich maker to toast it! I don't really have the confidence whether it will work?? But I'm surprised that my pancakes turn out pretty good :) 

I loved to ordered green tea latte whenever I'm outside so today I'm going to tried out JustOneCookBook green tea latte recipe ^_^ Simple and yummy!!! Just click the highlighted words to view her recipe :)
So what's for today lunch?? Kitty-chan again.... :D
My kids craving for fried rice so I cooked it for today's lunch. To made this HelloKitty, you need Hello Kitty mould. Put the mould on the plate then filled in the fried rice and pressed firmly. Remove the mould and use it to cut out the eggsheet to put on top of the fried rice. Finished up all the details with kombu and crabstick ^_^ To make it nice, I sliced some cucumber thinly and applied it around the kitty rice. Also add some cucumber leave/roses. Lastly slice some oranges and apple for dessert.

I hope you will enjoy reading my today post and hope to hear from you ^_^ Do followed my Facebook page & Instagram for latest updates! Happy Weekend :D

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bento2014#Jan09~Korilakkuma & Kiiroitori

Woohoo.....I liked Thursday because tomorrow I don't have to wake up early to cook lunch bento for them :D So what's today lunch?? I bought new  Rilakkuma & friends insulated bag so I made the same theme lunch for my daughter ^_^

  • Pink rice : Mixed the rice with pink furikake
  • Yellow rice : Mixed the rice with yellow furikake or mashed egg yolk
  • Black : Kombu/konbu
  • White : Cut out the top boiled egg
For side dishes:
  • Stir-fried capsicums, button mushroom, prawn and fishball
  • Hard boiled egg decorate as Kiiroitori (Nori/Kombu for details)
  • Apples
Happy Thursday to all and hope you will enjoy reading my today's post ^_^ Hugs! 

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