Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bento#Aug31~56th Malaysia National Day Bento

31st August 2013 is Malaysia 56th National Day! This celebration lunch bento was made yesterday ^_^ Just a simple Friday Bento. In this bento, I made two sibling celebrating National Day together with their favorite cartoon characters! Pretty easy to see if you've followed my blogs that my sweet girl loves "Hello Kitty"! As for my son....he has a Domokun sling bag so I thought he might liked it!
Let's have a closer look of the sibling ^_^ I used Monbento bento box. I add red & white rice at the bottom to represent the flag (sadly not obvious) Made two different sizes of onigiri balls for the sibling heads and add nori seaweed for all the details :) Hello Kitty made from rice using rice mould to shaped it! Domokun is squid analog with crabstick and nori seaweed for details. As for the Malaysia flag was done by my son :) He Google search the flag pictures and helped me to stick to the toothpicks! My girl decorated the party hats ^_^ Yesterday was a fun day!
For the side dishes: Sweet corn, sweet peas, carrots cut into Hello Kitty using the cutter, crabstick roll as flower, air fryer the wedges potatoes and some grapes.
I hope you will like this lunch bento! Time to go out to do some shopping before the school opens on coming Monday :) 

Bento Tools: 
monbento bentos & accessories

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

「6種常備食材X媽媽愛的佳餚!」 Hippomum's recipe~Banana Bread pg.130


Today I'm going to share my 2nd tried out from Hippomum's new recipe book. My mum gave me some ripened banana so instead of making the same old recipe I thought of Hippomum's new recipe book pg. 130-131 since all the ingredients I have except one but it turns out really yummy!
Frankly speaking I'm not good on baking but Hippomum's recipe looks simple and easy to learn ^_^ So when you've over ripened banana don't forgot you still can bake banana bread instead of banana cake! 

I add more banana as I don't want to waste it so for Hippomum's Banana Bread can just used spatula to mixed even you don't have electric mixer at home ^_^ Sound great right? I like it because less washing baking tools :p Haha!
Time to bake and my dry kitchen smell wonderful when almost done!!! Even my two kids can't wait for me to slice :) 

Ta-da....yummy delicious Banana Bread recipe by Hippomum. Many more awesome recipe to try out so go grab one copy or click the below picture for online purchase :)


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bento#Aug27~Rilakkuma Inarizushi

~Rilakkuma Inarizushi~
Another kyaraben lunch done last week too! I was quite busy so no time to update my blog but today I'm at home with my two kids so time to post my last week "Rilakkuma Inarizushi" kyaraben lunch ^_^ To made the Rilakkuma Inarizushi, just used the rice mould to shaped it. I bought Rilakkuma rice mould with cutter and puncher during my summer holidays trips to Kyoto/Osaka. Very easy when you have bento tools at home. 
Here is the bento tools : Rilakkuma rice mould, cutter and puncher! 
I mixed the rice with black sesame powder for the bottom layer. Then use the Rilakkuma rice mould to shape the face. Remove and put aside. Next add the Inari skin into the Rilakkuma rice mould then put back the ready Rilakkuma rice shaped and pressed using the tools. Remove it and put the Rilakkuma Inarizushi on top of the black sesame rice mixed! Add cheese for the ears and mouth by using the cutter. Punch out the nori for the rest of the details! Lastly, I used heart shape cutter to cut out sweet pea and beautify for extra touch :p
For side dishes: Pan-fried chicken wrapped with seaweed, tamagoyaki, sweet corn, broccoli, sweet pea, edamame, cherry tomato skin as roses and add few kawaii Rilakkuma picks! Well, I hope you will like this Rilakkuma Inarizushi Kyaraben ^_^ 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Owl Inari Bento Tutorial

Since is my kids school summer holidays and I can have more time taking photos for this "Owl Inari Bento" tutorials. I want to make it simple so that you can enjoy doing it at home :) So let's begin with many photos tutorial!! *Please pardon for my humble photography skilled :p
  • Cheese, Nori/seaweed, cooked rice mixed with sushi vinegar (optional), inari skins
  • Shape the rice into a triangle using cling wraps or rice moulds if you've :)
  •  Add inari skin into the rice and wrapped with the cling wrap.
  •  Next, use cutter to cut out oval shape and circle shape.
  •  Here is the photos after the cut out :)
  • Use puncher to punch out the nori for the owl's feather shapes.
  •  Freehand scissor cut the nori/seawwed for the eyes and eyebrows for the big owl.
  •  Add the nori to the cheese and use smaller shape cutter for the inner eyes.
  •  To bring out the "LOOK" Just add the cheese on top of the nori and follow the shapes.
  •  Now arrange the eyes to the inari rice balls :)
  •  Here is the look of the owls after add all the details :) For the mouth I used sweet corn.
  • Next following steps will be arranging into the bento box :) I put the owls into silicone cups.
  •  I add wax paper into the bento box. You may substitute with lettuce :)
  •  Here is the photos after adding into the bento box :)
  •  For another bento box as I've used two tier bento box :)
  • Arrange the 3 pieces of pan-fried chicken wrap with seaweed or any dishes you like for this section. You can skip this part as I just showed you how I arrange my dishes into the box!
  • Now I add crab rolls into the silicone food cups and arrange tamagoyaki on top with pasley and edamame.

  •  Add broccoli next to sweet corn and I carve the apple as leaf.
  •  Ta-da....all done ^_^
I hope you will like this simple Owl Inari Bento toturial ^_^ Don't forget to add me as your follower to received my latest updates or share this post! Thank you and cheers!

Bento#Aug26~Owl Inari Bento

Hello everyone ^_^ It's been awhile I have not update my blog. Due to my kids summer holidays until this week and so I'll be back on bento-ing next week onwards. Sound great right? Well, first of all I must thank you for new visitors and my followers for continue to visit my blog. I hope today's post will brighten up your day as I did this "Owl Inari Bento" last week. Yup....last week bento and yet took me so long to update :( But good news is this "Owl Inari Bento" comes with tutorial!! Yay!! I hope you will enjoy reading my next post for the tutorial with all the pictures guideline ^_^
Here is a closer look of the owls. I have made one big owl and baby owl ^_^ I'll explain the the making for my next tutorial post so do visit and I'll be more happy if you can let me know after you have tried out my simple owl design :)
 To go along with the Owl Inari, I added tamagoyaki, sweet corn, broccoli, edamame, chicken wrapped with seaweed, crab rolls, cherry tomato as rose and lastly apple as leaf :)
Do you notice that I've used an owl bento box? Just nice to match with my "Owl Inari Bento" theme :) I bought this Fukuro Bento Box during my visit at Bento & Co. Kyoto! I hope you will like it too and remember to check out my next TUTORIAL posts! Cheers!

                                                Bento Lunch

Friday, 23 August 2013

Yay!! Bentos Featured at

I am so happy to received email from contributor Silvia Martinez last week that she would like to feature some of my Disney Princess Bento. This morning checked my emails and she already featured both of my Disney Bento and Princess Bento! Yay!! Double joy ^_^ So do visit by clicking the pictures below and check out many more awesome bento done by amazing parents!!
18 Amazing Princess Bento Boxes 

20 Disney Themed Bento Boxes

It will be great to hear from you all after visit my Disney Bento and Princess Bento. Cheers!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bento, Monsters: Match & Munch Lunch Punch Giveaway

Bento, Monsters: Match & Munch Lunch Punch Giveaway: The Lunch Punch   is kindly sponsoring a set of Match & Munch cutters for today's giveaway. I shared about some ways you can use the...

Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer Holidays~Visited Bento & Co Kyoto

Today I'm going to share out my family summer holidays in Kyoto especially we visited Bento & Co. Of course will include some pictures for today's post ^_^ Honestly, I'm not a good writer and not sure how to begin :p Thank you for new reader or frequent reader visit my blog. I hope you all will enjoy reading it. Okay, let's begin!! We took a flight to Osaka on 28th July 2013 at 11pm and arrived Osaka Kansai International Airport next morning. Then we took a train to Kyoto Station :) About 75 minutes train ride to reach Kyoto Station. Before arriving we took a short nap due to lack of sleep *yawn*
Here is our Icoca & Haruka card that we bought for our train rides. For more information please click the HERE
Arrived Kyoto Station ^_^ Nice station right? Before we walk around, we headed straight to our hotel and leave the luggage there :p To visit "Bento &Co, I arranged it next morning due to first day arrived need to familiar the Japan Railway or Subway.

On 30th July 2013: We took the JR to Kawaramachi Station. When arrived, we started to walked towards Bento & Co. If you exit from Takashimaya mall then just walk along the road and you will see Mc Donald then walk till you see "TERAMCHI" at opposite road.
Here is the photo taken after we've crossed the road. You can spot the McDonald and the Takashimaya from the end corner.
Daimaru Mall just opposite Teramachi ^_^ We continue the Teramachi walk street and was cooling and many shops to see. Just walk all the way and we stopped by 100 yen shop.
Continue walking and you will see Bento & Co ^_^ is the Bento & Co ^_^ There is a small note for me sticked at the door and I forgot to take picture =_=" I'm so glad that they open the shop for me to visit as was told via email that closed on that day! I didn't read the email until late night I opened my email noticed it! Thank you so much Brett & Thomas ^_^ Anyway, I was early so we grabbed our lunch nearby first!
Ding I come!!! I'm sure some of my Instagram/FB followers waiting for THESE!!! Did you see anything you like??? Haha....I was thrilled :) Wish that I could get some sponsorship!!! Hehe....
Latest Kokeshi Bento Boxes!! I bought the pretty girl :) 
Food picks!!!! 
Meet two great guys: Brett & Thomas ^_^ Thank you for featured my bentos and shared my blogspot! Nice meeting you guys! To end my post I made a bento for myself using the Magewappa Classic Bento Box after I'm back. My very first time to designed a bento without making any kyaraben. Hope that you all will like it ^_^
 If you like to see more of their awesome bentos or latest news. Click HERE for more information ^_^ Good news is their online shop on sale and ending hurry!!