Monday, 26 August 2013

Owl Inari Bento Tutorial

Since is my kids school summer holidays and I can have more time taking photos for this "Owl Inari Bento" tutorials. I want to make it simple so that you can enjoy doing it at home :) So let's begin with many photos tutorial!! *Please pardon for my humble photography skilled :p
  • Cheese, Nori/seaweed, cooked rice mixed with sushi vinegar (optional), inari skins
  • Shape the rice into a triangle using cling wraps or rice moulds if you've :)
  •  Add inari skin into the rice and wrapped with the cling wrap.
  •  Next, use cutter to cut out oval shape and circle shape.
  •  Here is the photos after the cut out :)
  • Use puncher to punch out the nori for the owl's feather shapes.
  •  Freehand scissor cut the nori/seawwed for the eyes and eyebrows for the big owl.
  •  Add the nori to the cheese and use smaller shape cutter for the inner eyes.
  •  To bring out the "LOOK" Just add the cheese on top of the nori and follow the shapes.
  •  Now arrange the eyes to the inari rice balls :)
  •  Here is the look of the owls after add all the details :) For the mouth I used sweet corn.
  • Next following steps will be arranging into the bento box :) I put the owls into silicone cups.
  •  I add wax paper into the bento box. You may substitute with lettuce :)
  •  Here is the photos after adding into the bento box :)
  •  For another bento box as I've used two tier bento box :)
  • Arrange the 3 pieces of pan-fried chicken wrap with seaweed or any dishes you like for this section. You can skip this part as I just showed you how I arrange my dishes into the box!
  • Now I add crab rolls into the silicone food cups and arrange tamagoyaki on top with pasley and edamame.

  •  Add broccoli next to sweet corn and I carve the apple as leaf.
  •  Ta-da....all done ^_^
I hope you will like this simple Owl Inari Bento toturial ^_^ Don't forget to add me as your follower to received my latest updates or share this post! Thank you and cheers!


  1. Super cute and thanks for the tutorial! I need to go and look for the cool bento tools that you used!:)

    1. time ^_^ Glad that you liked it too Rina!

  2. cuteee!!.. seriously love it (^_^)

    1. awww.....thanks for your sweet words dear!

  3. cute..thanks for the tutorial...!

  4. Hi Karen, I saw your puncher here. It looks very flexible. May I know where can get it?
    I stay at JB, I notice you mentioned mount Austin in your another post. Can you suggest some places in JB where I can get these bento tools?
    And lastly my nori always brut with puncher. Any brand u could recommend?
    I am starting to prepare simple decorated breakfast for my sons. Still new in these. Hope to get some guidance from you.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Ai Wei, sorry for the late reply & thank you so much for enquiry. The puncher from this owl tutorial was bought from Bento Craft online shop. You can just type at Google "Bento Craft" or The linked has lots of bento gadgets etc.
      As for in JB to shop bento tools can visit 100yen shop or daiso but quality wise for punchers not as good as Carla puncher (bento craft has supplied for this brand).
      Hope this info helped & you can just e-mail to me or just inbox me at FB page 😁



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