Monday, 30 September 2013

Bento#Sept30~Halloween Bunny Witch

If you've followed me at Instagram, I've posted few last year 2012 Halloween theme bento. So for today's lunch I'm making Halloween Bunny Witch :) One weird looking purple bunny! Haha.... I boiled the angle hair spaghetti and packed the sauce separately. 
Purple Bunny Witch: Mashed purple sweet potato
Bunny ears: Taiwanese sausages
Bunny red eyes: Crab stick
Bunny nose: Eggsheet
Witch hat: Cheese, nori, crabstick, eggsheet.  
Spaghetti sauce packed separately at small container underneath the fruits. 
Something light bento dishes for her lunch today ^_^ I hope you will still like this kawaii Halloween Bunny Witch bento! 

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Friday, 27 September 2013

Bento#Sept27~Cutezcute Baby Night Owl Bento

Feeling excited when I get to know Cutezcute new released bento boxes! There are three designed and I love all three but at the moment I shall order the pink coloured Baby Night Owl first ^_^ The answer very obvious why I choose Baby Night Owl :p The other two bento were Baby Cool Penguin & Baby Ninja Panda. Feel free to browse All Things For Sale for more details. Okay, back to my daughter's dinner bento! She been asking me when can she use this Baby Night Owl bento box? Looks like she like it too so today's dinner I made pink owl onigiri for her ^_^
My pink owl onigiri ideas comes from Cutezcute Baby Night Owl Bento box ^_^ Isn't the baby owl bento box adorable? Sweet pink colour and really cute owl designed! Not only designed for bento use but also can be home meal bowls. Awesome right?
Simple dishes that I cooked for my family so I arranged it to the bento box. If you are packing for school bento then the above picture for fruits section bowl will be the cover so please don't add any foods ^_^ I add fruits due to having dinner meals at home :) To made pink owl, I add pink furikake mixed with rice then take cling wrap to shape it. Finished up with nori and cheese for the details. The yellow part can be replace as eggsheet for better result! Well, I hope you will like today's dinner bento post! Happy Friday!

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Bento#Sept26~Bear likes grapes

My daughter likes to read my bento books so she picks this cute bear for her bento lunch. I add red cheeks and pink ribbon for kawaii touch ^_^ Honestly, I want to make purple flowers from purple sweet potato but when I used flower cutter to cut the cooked didn't turn out nice so I quickly think of making grapes since is purple coloured ^_^ Phew....luckily the idea pop out if not I won't be able to make use of this mashed purple sweet potato.
Bear : I used panda rice mould to shape it! Mixed the rice with dark sweet sauce for brown colour.
Grapes : Mashed purple sweet potato. I add some nori and white crabstick (scissor cut) for better results.
le="color: #674ea7;">Bear face : Nori puncher
Cheeks : Crabstick (red part)
For side dishes: Broccoli, cheese sausage, eggsheet, crabstick and strawberry.
I hope you will like today's Bear bento lunch ^_^ Happy Thursday! 

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bento#Sept25~Pooh with honey bees

Bought some quail eggs so I thought of making honey bees! To match with the honey bees so I thought of Winnie the Pooh ^_^ This ideas seem quite famous and pretty much can see it from Pinterest or Bloggers. Sorry about the photo lighting due to indoor and my kitchen need extra lights to brighten up! I don't have time to adjust my light even though saw the reflection of my eggsheet =_=" Oh well, as long the looks like Winnie the Pooh will do ^_^ 
Yellow quail egg: Peel the hard boiled quail eggs then soak into water mixed with turmeric. I stirred it every 10 minutes.
Honey Bees: Cut nori strips and punch nori for the face features.
Spinach, carrot salad with white sesame recipe that I follow Hippomum's book.
Grapes, blueberry and sausage cut into heart shape .
What's inside the Pooh?? I reheat the leftover rice and mixed with furikake. Then cover it with eggsheet and freehand scissor cut out the nori for Pooh face features ^_^ Lastly, I add ketchup for Pooh cheeks as well as the honey bees cheeks!
This is for my son's lunch bento. I wanted to make another Pooh but he doesn't like it =_=" So I just add "BEST WISHES" for him and he likes puppy so I punch out puppy nori for the quail eggs ^_^ Well, I hope you will like today's bento post and hope to hear from you at the comments below or may be can just shared it! Thank you so much XOXO


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bento#Sept24~Panda Onigiri Bento

Made a quick lunch bento using Panda Sushi Nori cutter. Due to the bento box small so I made two small triangle sizes onigiri and wrap with nori. My panda onigiri didn't look as same as the picture demo box but still passed and kawaii! Haha...
Panda onigiri : Rice mixed with sushi vinegar then used triangle rice mould to shape and wrap nori.
Minced sweet pork
Panda fishcake
Broccoli and carrots
Grapes and blueberies
I managed to take a picture of my son's bento since today's lunch pretty easy and quick! Whatever dishes I designed for my daughter, my son has the same but just arranged it neatly for him. To add the balance cut out panda nori need to asked his permission =_=" If he said no, normally he will eat that balance nori straight away before I packed it! 
Well, I hope you like today's lunch bento post ^_^ Have a nice Tuesday! 

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Bento#Sept23~Honey Bee with Happy Flower Bento

~Honey Bees Bento~
Today's lunch bento theme will be Honey Bee with Happy Flower Bento ^_^ I cooked egg fried rice from leftover rice. And boiled the quail eggs for decoration as flower! This is quite a simple bento lunch, just need to arrange the food for this theme.
Honey bee head cut out from cheese using circle cutter and body freely cut out using toothpick. Punch out nori for the face and scissor cut out the strips for bee body. Cucumber as leaves. Sausages for flower petals and quail egg as flower. Below picture will be the closer look of the Happy Flower!
Happy Flower Bento for my son ^_^ Both bento have the same flowers but my girl gets huge Honey Bees! I'm glad that my 12th years old son allowed me to add the flower face features ^_^ But the bee picks & flower picks after photo takings he removed it  =_=" Oh long he brings homecooked bento to school I'm happy with it!
I hope you will like both of my bentos ^_^ Happy Monday!! Cheers!

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bento#Sept21~Hello Kitty Fishcake Lunch

Happy Saturday!!! Cooked simple spaghetti lunch for my family but princess gets Hello Kitty theme meal ^_^ I bought some fishcakes so I transform one fishcake into Hello Kitty by adding the face featured. Just use Hello Kitty puncher to punch out then add on, finish with cheese nose and kawaii red ribbon pick! I missed out Kitty-chan ears =_=" But still look adorable! Haha...
I admired many bloggers can really cooked and shared their recipes! So if you like to have awesome spaghetti recipe why not try out JustOneCookbook as I loved her blogs but still have not make an effort to try out :( One word : "LAZY" Yes, lazy me!! Working on weekdays so weekend will be my house chores day.....*sigh* 
So my spaghetti was cooked with ready mixed tomato paste and I stir-fried some garlic, taiwanese sausages, cherry tomato, salt and pepper. Lastly, I add boiled french beans on top (cut into dice) then Hello Kitty fishcake ^_^ 
Slice some apple for the cup instead of drinks :p Well, I hope you will have a great weekend too and thank you for reading my today's post! xoxo