Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bento#Jan36~Miffy "Little White Rabbit"

Say "Hi" to Miffy ^_^ Bought Miffy cookie cutter mould recently so I'm making simple bento snack for my daughter. As her school tomorrow having concert celebration for Lunar New Year and will have yummy foods too! So just packed something simple for her snack time.
My girl likes bread skin as well my boy too! Luckily the loaf of bread sure have two bread skin (top and bottom) They don't have to fight for it :)  Well, this bento for one Miffy can cut total of three pieces out of one piece white bread. I liked to take two pieces to pressed out the lines and the 3rd piece spread jam to stick together. To let Miffy wear her dress, I used the same cutter to cut cheese and trim away the hands and legs. Sprinkle some pink fondant as I don't have red fondant for Miffy. Freehand cut nori as strips then stick onto Miffy dress. Lastly, add cute picks to secure Miffy placed. I added two crackers bars underneath. By the way, Miffy eyes were fondant.
For the other section, I added some papaya (used Miffy cutter to cut), grapes and strawberry. Also added lovely bunny picks!
Simple and quick bento hope you all will like it! Hugs!

Bento#Jan35~Three bears

Today's lunch making "3 Bears" as one of them different :p Cooked fried rice for my kids and steamed some sweet potatoes to make little bears.
Poured the fried rice then add the little bears on top. Cut some cucumber and add nori for bear eyes and nose. Next, I used ribbon puncher to punch out the nori to add as male bear and female bear.
I soaked the hard boiled egg to ribena juice that I've removed from the bear mold. Perhaps soaked too long so it turn out purple :p Well, I cut half so each of my kids can have half bear face :) Add nori to bear eyes and nose but I forgot about the lips =_=" Some grapes for her with leave picks!
Simple lunch bento for my girl and I did make design for my son but it didn't turn out well that I supposed to make a lion and end up doesn't look like one :( so better don't post it here! Haha....  

Time: 2.30PM
Oh well, I decided to show you the unsuccessful Lion Bento for son. I did some editing with the photo :p
This is the original Lion Bento for my son. Looks totally weird as I should have make another sweet potatoes round ball for lion's head but I didn't =_=" Due to lack of time so forget it....
I spend too much time for lion's fur and totally forgot the mouth. When taking photos already knew weird but can't be help :( So, I tried to edit the lion's mouth. Much better right for the bottom photo!! But still should have change the theme as the hard boiled was BEAR and yet I tried to changed to LION just to make used of the sweet potatoes :) So weird!!!! Hahaha.....
My weird lion bento for my son. Oh well.....I'm not an expert....hope you all have fun looking at my photos and read my blog! Hugs!!


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bento#Jan34~Hello Kitty loved balloons

As my previous post have mention that I purchased some bakery stuffs. Other than alphabets fondant, I bought lovely balloons with many colors. To make bento, I just cut out the length that I want as the balloons comes together.
Here I took a photo of the balloons. Lovely right? Just for decoration ya!
I rolled eggsheet with chicken floss and put Hello Kitty nori on top. Underneath the eggroll, I make butter and peanut sandwich and the balance charcoal bread just arranged between the eggroll. Freehand cut out nori for kitty chan hand holding the balloons. 
Some strawberry with Hello Kitty picks and one gummy candy pack for her :)
Simple sandwich bento for her and hope you will like it too! Cheers!
By the way, I want to showed you "Ribena Plant" that my mother gave me. My kids loved it so I boiled the ribena plant with pandan leave and add brown sugar to taste. Yummy!
Here is the looked of Ribena Plant. Removed the seed, just take the petals to boiled after washing :) Oh ya, I've google search is also called as Roselle drink :)

Bento#Jan33~Totoro & Kurosuke Bento

Today's school lunch for my daughter will be Totoro & Kurosuke (Black Dustball). Took more time on cooking so less time for making =_=" Last night dinner, I stir-fried brinjal/eggplant and my kids liked it so much. So today I'm going cooked some for their lunch, hopefully still taste good :)
Totoro make from cooked rice that I've reheated from microwave. Add some Sakura cherry powder for lovely pink color :) Then used cling sheet to wrap out the oval shape and add the white rice on top. Next, make two ears for Totoro and arranged all to the bento box. Cut two small cheese for eyes and add nori that I used puncher to punch. Freehand cut Totoro whiskers, nose and body strips. Pan-fried chicken ham and cut into small cube then put it aside. 
Kurosuke/Black Dustball, I used circle cutter to cut out the chicken ham then add cheese on top and cover with nori.  Add the eyes and I didn't add the fuzzy fur :p
Stir-fried the brinjal/eggplant and sprinkle stir-fried garlic on top then add sweet sauce for the dish. Yum yum :p After cooked the brinjal, I stir-fried the french beans, straw mushroom and carrots with garlic too!! Add cute Kurosuke and eyeballs looking at Totoro. 
Phew.....done and time for photo taking!!! Then my girl saw her brother has apples so she wants too but there is no room for the bento. Well, I just add two small cubes :)
This is how my son's bento lunch looked ^_^ Big boy already so less cute design. Good for me too as I just focus on one bento :D 
Hope you all enjoy reading my blog and thank you so much for dropping by ^_^ Hugs & cheers! 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bento#Jan32~Alice In Wonderland

I'm going to join the linky party for Happy 181st Birthday Lewis Carroll at BentoOnBetterLunches blogs for anything with Alice In Wonderland. I asked my girl to bring out her storybook to showed me the stories with pretty pictures! And I spotted one section of the pictures that I liked to used for this theme bento ^_^
I used charcoal bread to make the "Cheshire Cat". Freehand cut out the cheese for eyes and sprinkle crushed green and blue fondants then add nori for eyeballs. The cat lips and ears were made from charcoal bread skin. To stick the lips, I spread some hazelnut spread. Cut cheese for sharp teeth and add one by one. 
As for "Alice" It looks easy but a lot of work to do =_=" I just used toothpick to draw out Alice by looking at the picture and luckily didn't make mistake :p I try my luck to trace freehand so please don't follow my way :D It will definitely nicer if draw on baking sheet first then trace out :) 
These alphabets fondant pretty handy when you need to make sentence! So just dip some hazelnut strawberry spread and paste. I used small circle cutter to cut out the cheese and add the time :) No more space for rabbit so just used pick!
Some strawberry for dessert! I try to squeeze few character roles in this bento :D It turn out pretty well :)  
I do hope you all will like this "Alice in Wonderland" bento ^_^ If you like to see more bentos from other bloggers, please visit the link :) Cheers!

Bento#Jan31~Noodles with Tang-Yuan skewers

I'm making a simple lunch for my girl today. Just pour boiled water to the mug noodles and boiled some fish cakes, edamame and "Tang-yuan" balls. I prepared double colors tamagoyaki too!
Put all the cooked foods inside and the soup at small container with lid. Arrange the "Tang-yuan" as skewers and cut some grapes as heart shapes as well the edamame too!
Cut the tamagoyaki as heart shapes and add some picks for edamame. I make it simple and kind of lazy to think how to design :p
Well, this is for today's simple lunch for both my kids except for my son without any theme bento :) 

Hope you all have great day! Cheers!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Bento#Jan30~Owl & Rat

Yesterday bought some baking stuff!! So today I'm going to make used of the alphabets fondant ^_^ For my daughter's bento snack, I'm making "OWL & RAT" sandwich. I bought the sugar bread and cut into triangle, just to fit in the bento box. I didn't spread any jam as the bread already sweet. 
Owl make from cheese and nori. All freehand nori scissors cut :p As you can see I'm trying to make some wave for the wings but a bit messy :p The cloud was cheese, used cutter to cut and stick to nori then follow the shape and cut out. Lastly, put the "OWL" fondants onto the cheese. 
Same method for "RAT". I didn't make "RAT" design :) Just used "RAT" pick and some flower picks for today theme bento.
For another small container, I add some marshmallows and mandarin orange. Do you find that the owl seem afraid of the rat? Oh well....innocent owl ya! Hahaha....
Next, I'm making big "RAT" for my son. The triangle shape bread was red bean bun that I bought from bakery shop today. I just changed it into "RAT" by adding the ears, eyes and whiskers.
The ears was small round cake that I cut into half. The whiskers was spaghetti that I oven baked for 2 minutes (I'm using toaster oven). Add some strawberry and mandarin orange for dessert :)
Quick and simple "RAT" design. You can changed to many more animals from this bread. I just make "RAT" as today theme was about the owl and the rat :)
I hope you all will like today's bento snacks!! Happy bento-ing ya ^_^ Cheers!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bento#Jan29~Busy Bees

It's Sunday!!! I'm a busy mummy every weekend as CNY (Chinese New Year) getting nearer and yet still have a lot of house chores to do.....gosh....never end =_=" Luckily my hubby helped out and my sweet girl helped too! As for my son....hmm....he did helped out to carried those unwanted stuff and no more :(
Today's lunch, kids requested "Man-tou" for their lunch so I'm making busy bees bento!! In this bento have steamed man-tou (two different flavours), sausages, egg sheet, fishball, some grapes and persimmons.
Busy bee make from sausage and cut few nori strips and sticks onto the sausage. I spread some mayo to the nori seaweed to stick properly. Use smiley face puncher to punch out the nori and add ketchup for bee cheeks ^_^ The wings are make from egg sheet by using mold cutter to cut out.
Arranged all the foods and add some bees picks! I hope you all have a great weekend with your family and loved ones ^_^ By the way, thank you so much for those who have voted my Totoro bento at Bento Blog Network. The Totoro & Hello Kitty bento has been chosen as Bento of the week ^_^ Hugs & Cheers!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bento#Jan28~Doggy & Monkey

Doggy sandwich for my girl's school snack ^_^ In this bento box have mandarin orange, a box of raisin, marshmallow and packet of Hello Kitty gummy candy.
Wholewheat bread for making doggy sandwich. I used heart shape rice mold to shape the doggy face with some kaya fillings inside. Cut another small heart shape for doggy mouth and add in the details with nori/seaweed. Cheese for doggy eyes with smiling nori eyes. Freehand cut out the bread skin for doggy ears and paws. To avoid the ears drop, I inserted spaghetti strips.
Add cute picks for doggy and other picks too!!
Monkey sandwich for my son ^_^ In this bento box have mandarin orange, grapes and "wang wang" crackers.
I used cling wrap to shape the bread for monkey face and put my son's favourite tuna fillings inside. Cut another small round shape for monkey mouth then add the nori for nose/mouth. Cheese for eyes and add nori for monkey eyes. Cut two ears for monkey and in the middle change to bread skin.
I just add the leave pick for mandarin orange. 
Hope you all will like these two animals bento ^_^ Cheers!