Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bento2015#May28~Sanrio Cathy Cheese

My sweetie requests shell pasta for her lunch ^_^ So here I cooked tomato pasta with simple & quick way to use cheese for cute Sanrio Cathy character. Simply pressed the cheese using the cookie cutter shown above. 
For side dishes contain tamagoyaki, lettuce and yam samosa. Of course with some grapes as dessert ^_^
I'm using Miffy Thermos lunch box and this round not making Miffy. Hahaha..... but is still bunny character! Lol!


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bento2015#May27~Hello Kitty Sunny Egg

Little lazy to make character using rice so think of using egg for my Hello Kitty theme ^_^ I make sunny side up and decorate with nori details. Very simple and quick provided my sunny side up egg successful :D I can't afford to make mistake due to lack of time in the morning. Always in a rush =_=" To view how I make sunny side up egg please click HERE for the tutorial.

I mix the cooked rice with Hello Kitty furikake and add some of the mini flakes. For side dishes contain gyoza, broccoli and grapes.

Taking another shots of the Nude Food Movers that my daughter likes it with separate containers. I bought from Harris Bookstore and just my point of view sharing this lovely pink lunch box. 

Hope you like today's Hello Kitty Sunny side up ^_^

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bento2015#May26~Panda Inarizushi

Less foods on Tuesday so I just make my daughter all time favourite inarizushi ^_^ I filled up with chicken floss inside then wrap it with rice to make onigiri. Freehand scissor cut out nori details to make into panda. Simple and quick one ^_^ Lastly, cut some dice of grapes, kiwi fruits and oranges at another panda container :) 

Hope you like it! 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Bento2015#May25~Jiji Bento

Finally I'm back after more than two weeks bento break. Not school holidays but both of my kids not feeling well and my son already discharged from hospital last Thursday. Thank GOD that everything back to normal, I loved to hear the noise and laughter at home because it's been too long didn't hear it :(

I'm using Kiki Delivery Service bento box (bought it during my Japan trips) so thought of making Jiji for today's bento ^_^ This time I make it simple by just adding the minced pork to become Jiji. 

First, add the rice onto the bento box then use cling wrap to press out the shape of Jiji in the middle so that can fill up with minced pork. Next, add the rice eyeballs and nori details. Crabstick for big red bow and white part for Jiji ears. 

Some broccoli and grapes for side dishes. Can you spot my tiny fish furikake? Hehehe..... I just remove some fishes out from a packet of furikake. Have a lovely day! Stay healthy ^_^

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bento2015#May12~Baymax Quail Eggs

Oh how I wish that the time can move a bit slower =_=" Seem that many things cannot be done within 24 hours! Oh well, perhaps each time when I arrive home after work..... it's like continue working as a mother job. Everyday repeating the same routine except not cooking during the weekends. Phew!

Today's lunch I make it simple. All I can think is cute Baymax ^_^
My girl requested to eat Udon noodles so I stir-fried with some fish balls and sausage. After boiled the quail eggs, just roll into round shape to make Baymax head. Add nori for the details and I add red heart pick on top ^_^  Along the side, I add baby carrots and cucumber leaf. Some grapes at separate small container.

I hope you like today's sharing.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Bento2015#May11~Totoro Mashed Potato

Another simple lunch by just adding Totoro mashed potato for the cuteness touch ^_^ Only one medium size potato to make these three tiny Totoro design. Simply add furikake to mix with the rice and add broccoli along the sides.

Orange Totoro : ketchup mix with mashed potato
Grey Totoro : black sesame powder mix with mashed potato
Yellow Totoro : natural color from the mashed potato
*Punch out nori for all details and cheese for eyeballs

As for side dishes have pan-fried fish fillet with oat coating (bought frozen pack), baby carrots and kiwi fruits.

Hope you like this simple Totoro mashed potato lunch ^_^ 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bento2015#May07~Kiiroitori Quail Eggs

This bento is simple to make by just decorate the quail egg into Kiiroitori ^_^ Of course must soak the boiled quail eggs into the turmeric water to get the yellow touch. The nori details are done by puncher (save up time especially tiny details). The orange rice is white rice mix with furikake (Hello Kitty furikake packets with mini HK flakes).
Here is the close up Kiiroitori quail eggs ^_^ Carrot for the beak (secure it with spaghetti) and extra cuteness by adding the food picks! Lol! 

For side dishes have broccoli, pork cutlet and grapes.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bento2015#May06~Inari Hello Kitty

Anyone wants my Hello Kitty inari snowballs? Actually my first idea wasn't making snowman, suppose to make each balls with different Hello Kitty face expression! Sadly, I'm running out of time to do so I just make it as snowman instead with simple expression.  I was cooking spaghetti for my son's lunch box and pack inari for my girl. So I waste on cooking time to prepare two different dishes =_="

In both of my kids lunch box have the same side dishes: broccoli, pan-fried chicken star nuggets, yam samosa, carrots and some HK pasta.

Here's my daughter favourite Inari sushi rice and I add Hello Kitty double up her happiness ^_^ Lol! The yellow HK rice mix with egg yolk and I punch out the nori details since I know not enough time.

Simple photo takings and manage to get it done before send them to school. Phew! 

Hope you like today's bento. Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bento2015#May05~Japan Children's Day Bento

On 5th May is Japan Children's Day (こどもの日Kodomo no Hi) I make a simple Kintaro boy wears samurai helmet (kabuto) and not forgetting holding the carp (koinobori) ^_^ 

Kintaro boy make of rice mix of ketchup using cling wrap to shape into a ball. Make another smaller ball for the hand. Freehand scissor cut out the nori for hair/eyebrows/eyes and punch out the nose and lip using puncher. Lastly, add the samurai helmet. I follow the tutorial from Youtube :p 

Here is the close up three different carps ^_^ 
  • White rice for white carp
  • White rice plus broccoli on top for green carp
  • Yellow rice (egg yolk mix with rice) for yellow carp
  • Cheese and nori for the details
For side dishes have broccoli, salmon with sweet sauce coating and grapes.

I bought the two tier (Oyako Kingyo) lunch box from Bento & Co for quite some times. It's perfect for today's theme ^_^ Hope you like it!