Friday, 27 June 2014

Hello Kitty Movie Time Foodart

Anybody going to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction or perhaps you've watched? Hubby bought tickets for this coming weekend Sunday movie time. Yay!! My son can't wait but not for my daughter :D May be she's a girl....hold on....I'm a adult girl but I love to watch Transformers!! to make it fun and excited for the coming movie time. I made dinner foodart ^_^ It's Hello Kitty enjoys her movie time watching T4!!! No time to made four Hello Kitty as a family so just one Kitty-chan will do :)

You don't need a mould to do this ^_^ All I do just use cling wrap and shape them. Easy right? I tried to make it simple without too many details so the popcorn and drinks....hmm....not what I want but well...still passed right? Popcorn made from egg sheet (cut small). I also made movie seat with number A1!! Do you notice it? 

Simple side dishes: veggies, eggs, bake beans and steam fish (not in this photo).

Happy Blessed Weekend and if you're watching T4 too~ Enjoy!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun26~Sugarbunnies Kurousa Costume

Okay....this should be the last Sanrio character costume girl for the time being :p I want to make other theme as Sanrio characters still have few more to pause for few weeks then only continue making my costume girl again :D Well, today's lunch is about Sugarbunnies ^_^ There are many different sugarbunnies in Sanrio characters, but twin bunnies seem popular :) Brown bunny called Kurousa and white bunny called Shirousa. Today I chose the brown bunny Kurousa as the brown colour can easily stand out as a costume.

Here's the closer look of Kurousa Costume Girl ^_^ To made brown Kurousa, I mix the rice with dark sweet sauce. As for the girl, I mix the rice with ketchup. Scissor cut out the nori for the details and  penknife cut out the kamaboko (pink part) for Kurousa's ears. 

For side dishes: Chicken seaweed wrap, star fishcakes, tamagoyaki, lettuce, sweet peas and checker apple.

Hope you like today's costume girl theme. Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun25~Keroppi Costume Girl

Do you like Sanrio Keroppi character? Today's lunch continue making costume girl theme bento ^_^ As per request from my daughter, she wants Keroppi this time and what's more she even told me this week Sanrio characters!! Lol..... I just do the sketching and the making :D I hope you won't get bored of reading or looking at this costume girl =_=" By this week I should able to finished it and will start making others on next week.  After all, she's the one who eating right? She's happy & I'm happier ^_^

Here's the close up Keroppi Costume Girl ^_^ I tried to make the Keroppi stand out this time instead of laying on the bento box. To support it, I add rice at the bottom then only put the shaped Keroppi on top. To make Keroppi green, I mix the rice with edamame & broccoli. For girl face, mix rice with ketchup and add nori for details. As for Keroppi body, I use crabstick at the body and add the red part as the strips.

For side dishes: soy sauce drumette, okra with chikuwa, edamame and eggsheet.

I hope you will like this cute Keroppi Costume Girl ^_^ Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun24~My Melody Inarizushi

Less food for today's lunch ^_^ I made inarizushi and shape My Melody kyaraben and rest on top of the inarizushi :) I don't have Mizkan sushi pink mix so I just use ketchup to mix the rice and use My Melody cookie cutter as mould to shape the outline. To avoid sticky, I use cling wrap and pressed the rice.
First, made the inarizushi then rest at the bottom. Next, shape My Melody then rest on top ^_^ Simple right? I add two mini rice balls for My Melody and decorate with ribbon & flower using crabstick and corns. I tried to capture both My Melody but I find it hard =_=" Cause it will blocked the image.....sigh....

I carved apple leave and also made apple roses ^_^ How to made? 

Just cut the apple half and slice thinly for the petals. Add all the apple slices and cover with water then let it boil until soft. Remove the apple and strain the water by putting on top of the kitchen towel. Next, take the smallest slice of apple to start making roses. 

The other half apple, I cut it to make it as leave. To see the tutorial can click HERE

Ta-da....can you spot the other smilling My Melody? That's the reason I can't capture nicely if close up =_=" Well, hope you like it! Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun23~Badtz-maru Costume Girl

Continue my costume girl theme for Sanrio character ^_^ So what's for Monday? Moody girl in Badtz-maru costume!!! Why is she moody? Mainly because mummy the bento maker wants to sleep longer!!! hahaha...
*yawn....took me quite some time to shape the Badtz-maru head @_@

Here's the close up Badtz-maru costume girl ^_^ I'm happy that turn out well for Badtz-maru as I really took some time to shape it! Making the girl face onigiri is easy but shaping the badtz-maru spiky hair was tricky!! 
Yellow rice made from rice mix with mashed egg yolk. Badtz-maru made from rice and nori. As for badtz-maru eyes were egg white (from the hard boiled egg). Cheese for girl's eyebrows and badtz-maru mouth. Freehand scissor cut out the nori details. Red cheeks made from crabstick (red part).

For side dishes: pea sprout, fishcake hiding underneath gyoza and oranges.

My daughter likes this Nude Food Movers lunchbox and I find it easy to arrange my kyaraben character compare to smaller bento box :D Hope you like today's theme ^_^ Happy Monday!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun19~PomPomPurin Costume Girl

Next costume girl theme will be sleepy girl in pompompurin costume ^_^ Not really happy with the purin look that I shaped as the ears look a bit low =_=" Oh well, no time to amend it so let it be.... hehehe....Hope you still find it cute on her.

Here's the closer look of my PompomPurin Costume girl. For girl onigiri, rice mix with ketchup then add nori for hair and all the face details. Purin made from mashed egg yolk mix with rice and shape it using cling wrap. Add nori for details and mushroom as hat.

For side dishes: Broccoli, terayaki drumette, carrot and hard boil egg. 

Hope you like it and Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun18~Hello Kitty Costume Girl

Continue to made my Variety Yoyo Costume girl but this time I design her into Sanrio character ^_^ The mobile Variety Yoyo wallpaper theme don't have Sanrio theme but I'll continue use the different face features from the app :D

Here's the closer look of the Variety Yoyo costume girl. I dressed her up as Hello Kitty since is my daughter's favourite Sanrio character. As usual, shape the rice using cling wrap and mix rice with ketchup for face/body. Then continue shape the white rice for Hello Kitty costume ^_^ I add on the legs and crabstick (red part) for the dress/ribbon. Punch out nori for Hello Kitty details and some of the nori I freehand scissor cut.

I add another Hello Kitty made of quail egg and add all the details then add ribbon pick ^_^

For side dishes: Pea sprouts, chicken seaweed, samosa yam. I pack the apple at separate container (not in the picture).

Hope you like today's costume :) Happy Wednesday!  

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun17~Panda Mantou馒头

Less foods for every Tuesday so today's lunch bento I steamed some mantou馒头 and design it as PANDA ^_^ If you've missed my Hello Kitty Mantou post on last Tuesday, click HERE to view it. This is just a simple panda design as my older post already made :p To view my similar Panda Mantou, click at the bottom linked :

Here's the close up Panda Mantou馒头 ^_^ I cooked some meat patties for the mantou fillings. Freehand scissor cut out the nori for the details.

I pack some oranges at another smaller panda container (Not in this picture).

Hope you like it and have a nice day!


Monday, 16 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun16~Duck Costume Girl

I hope you won't get bored of my animal costume theme creations ^_^ I played along the Variety Yoyo from my mobile to get inspired by her face features and dressup. This is the final dressup costume from the Variety Yoyo. The rest of the designed all about dresses in different culture & occasion. So I'll continue to dressed up my little girl in other animals or sanrio characters prehaps :D  This Variety Yoyo can be found at android app on Google play. Click HERE to view.

Here's the close up Duck Costume Girl ^_^ This time I let her wear spectacle :D Cute right? If you follow my last week posts, I mix the rice with ketchup for face. To made the duck yellow, I mix the rice with yellow furikake. As you can see from the above picture, the yellow rice looks sticky or don't even look like rice at all.  When I want to reheat all the overnight rice, I add too much water so the top part was fine (face) but when I scoop the bottom part to made the duck so sticky after mixing yellow furikake :D But honestly, the best part was much easier to shape it! Hahaha....
Carrots for orange part, nori for the details and egg sheet for the spec ^_^ All nori freehand scissor cut except the duck's eyes/nose I use puncher. 

Today's lunch bento I pack them into Nude Food Movers which my kids love it. For side dishes: pea sprouts along the side, apple and drumette stews.

I hope you like today's Duck Costume Girl lunch bento. Happy Monday!


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun15~Happy Father's Day Bento

Happy Father's Day to all amazing super dad ^_^ I made this bento on Friday's night dinner for my man at home but I schedule to post it today :) Last year I made similar bento too as I have two beautiful children and can't believe that my son has already grown up taller than me =_=" To view my last year Father's Day Bento click HERE.

Look how handsome I made for the "DAD" hahaha....looking smart with black tie ^_^ Pretty girl (my daughter) and handsome boy (my son) both hugging their "DAD". To made the face, as usual mix rice with ketchup. Frehand nori cut for hair and all details :) Arrange all three then filled up the holes with veggies and star fishcakes.

Is seafood Friday for us, so I cooked simple stir-fried spring onion prawns with white shimeji mushroom and checker apple.

It's been awhile have not use this Fukuro Bento box ever since bought from Bento & Co. Just nice for Father's Day Bento due to most of my lunchbox too girlish or small boxes. Totally out to match today's theme but this Fukuro Woodgrain looks just PERFECT for adult right?

Okay....bon-appetit! Wish all super daddy "Blessed Father's Day" good in health ^_^  

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun12~Bear Costume Girl

Like I said yesterday will make few more "Variety Yoyo" costume girl so today's theme animal I made cute bear costume ^_^ The wallpaper theme not many animals costume to change but I'll try to make others or perhaps Sanrio characters :D

Here's the close up Bear Costume Girl ^_^ To made the face, mix rice with ketchup and the bear costume just mix the rice with sweet dark sauce. First, shape the girl's head then add nori for hair and face features :D Next, made the bear costume and put on top of the head. To avoid sticky rice to your hair, I use cling wrap all the time for any shaping rice. Arrange the body and head then cover the holes with broccoli ^_^ Lastly, add the egg sheet and nori for bear details!

For side dishes: Honey soy sauce drumette, bear fishcakes and checker apple.

I hope you like today's theme kyaraben. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun11~Sheep Costume Girl

Baa...baa...white sheep costume that little girl wears ^_^ Today's theme I inspired by my mobile phone wallpaper theme (Variety Yoyo). Look so cute that I can't resist!!! So I made it into my daughter's bento lunchbox!  Lovely right?

Here's the close up Sheep Costume Girl ^_^ To made the face, mix the rice with some ketchup then shape onigiri using cling wrap. Add nori for the details then arrange into the lunchbox. Next, I add part of the pea sprout around the girl onigiri head then cover up with white rice to make as sheep. Cut out two oval shape carrots for the sheep horns with nori details. 

For side dishes: Pan-fried gyoza, button mushroom, carrots and few slices of apple (soak with salt water)

Hope you like today's theme bento and perhaps I can just make another few more design for next bento....hehehe

Happy Wednesday and thank you for the visit! Hugs!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun10~Hello Kitty Mantou馒头

Simple lunch bento for today! What to made?? Everyday been thinking....haha so last night while drawing ideas and thinking what's inside my fridge?? Ah...mantou馒头!!! One of my family's favourite ^_^ What about you? Do you like mantou馒头?

Here's the close up look Hello Kitty Mantou馒头 ^_^ I made two mantou馒头 with spam and eggsheet fillings then I add crabstick (red part) for the bow and nori for the details. Not forgetting the nose made from eggsheet. 

Here's another mini mantou with chocolate flavours! Add all the details and few slices of oranges.

I like this Hello Kitty lunchbox. The small container will go inside the big lunchbox and become one ^_^ So just remember don't add the food above the line for the big lunchbox :D The only tricky part will be photo takings =_=" Not an expert so hope you don't mind but as long you can see what's today theme ^_^ Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun09~My Melody Obento

Do you like Sanrio My Melody? My daughter and I love it ^_^ I hardly make this character due to lack of pink furikake as well need to shape the ear compare to easy making Hello Kitty character :D So I search around to shop for Japanese food items at my local area and I manage to bought kamaboko! Yay!  There you go My Melody for today's lunch bento. Pretty easy by just using the My Melody cookie cutter to cut kamaboko as today's theme :)

Here's the close up look of My Melody kamaboko. I add the nori details and egg sheet as nose. Underneath is rice and cover up with minced meat. Insert ribbon pick for My Melody and holding a cupcake pick that my daughter choose ^_^

For side dishes: Chicken seaweed, tamagoyaki, spinach and cherry tomato as rose.

I hope you like this simple My Melody Obento lunch ^_^ Happy Monday!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Maleficent Dinner Foodart

Last weekend we watched Maleficent movie and my girl since then asking me to make one for her. So today's dinner I surprise her!!! Sadly after done shaping Maleficent head.....she disliked it cause too scary! I redo and shape the horns normal & simple without following the original ones :p After done all, don't seem look like Maleficent =_=" Oh well.....perhaps next round I made for myself to eat :D

 Here's the closer look of my Maleficent ^_^ All nori details freehand scissor cut out as well the spooky tree next to her :)

Today's dishes: Tomato egg & squids, veggies and fish meat.

Hope you have a great weekend tomorrow! See you all next week bento update :)

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun05~Hello Kitty NFM Lunchbox

Yay!!! I'm so happy that my daughter's eyes getting better so she's back to school after on MC two days at home. Today I made her favourite Sanrio Hello Kitty for her lunch as well using new bento lunch box by Nude Food Makers products. I bought two different colours of NFM lunchboxes on last week Friday (Popular Book Fair) I'm surprised to see lots of NFM products selling at the book fair as I'm not sure how good is the products but the colours attracts me :D 

I'm not doing any NFM reviews but if you like to see the products can just hop to their website HERE. When my girl resting at home, I still cooked lunch and packed bento for my son and he seem to like this new NFM lunchbox. Anyway, I got him a blue NFM lunchbox ^_^

Finally my girl back to school and she's happy to bring her new lunchbox!!! I made Hello Kitty with pretty sparkling eyes ^_^ Lovely?? Hahaha..... I pray for her eyes to heal better so looks like I can't helped it to cut out pretty eyes for Hello Kitty :p 

I shaped Hello Kitty using the mould and cling wrap. Pink bow made from kamaboko, nose is sweet corn and lastly freehand scissor cut out nori for details.

As for the two side containers contain: Broccoli, minced meat, quail egg as Hello Kitty and oranges.

By the way, do you notice my Hello Kitty Rainbow Loom? I saw many of my bento friends have been sharing their Rainbow Looms so I want to join in the fun looming....especially saw 5amBento shared her Sanrio Rainbow Looms that she made. Wow!!! I want to make it too ^_^ 5am Bento also made many amazing bento creations and I'm sure some of you already know her at Instagram :)

Well, here is the final touched for packing the NFM lunchbox. Pretty & neat right? So far my son used it and he feedback to me that the rice I put was not messy and stayed nicely ^_^

Hope you like it today's Hello Kitty Lunch! Happy Thursday!