Friday, 25 March 2016

Bento2016#Mar25~Easter Bunny/Pooh Bear/Chicks

 21.03.2016 Monday
Easter Mofy Bunny: Shaped the rice into head/ears/arms using cling wrap
Orange rice: Mixed rice with ketchup for ears and heart shaped mouth
Yellow quail egg: Turmeric juice
Blue quail egg: Blue pea flower extract
Purple quail egg: Mulberry juice
How to cut kiwi fruit: Please view the tutorial @foodbycherry IG that I've shared at IG
First arrange the Mofy head and silicon cup into the Monbento lunchbox. Filled up the rest with stir-fried french beans & carrots. Next arranged the ears and arms ^_^  
22.03.2016 Tuesday
Winnie the Pooh: Sunny side up egg. Please click HERE for the tutorial
Rice underneath the pea sprouts, button mushrooms and dark sweet sauce chicken dishes. 
Cut the oranges into bite size just to fit in the container and add on sour plum on top.
24.03.2016 Thursday
Mama hen: Mashed pumpkin mixed with rice
Baby chicks: Quail eggs soaked with turmeric juice
Side dishes: Broccoli, gyoza (chicken) and kiwi flower  


14.03.2016 Monday
Panda: Rice and seaweed nori detailed.
Baby panda: Quail eggs and seaweed nori detailed.
Side dishes: Pea sprouts, gyoza, oranges

15.03.2016 Tuesday
I cooked simple fried rice for her lunch and only add Kiiroitori for the half boiled egg as theme bento ^_^ 
16.03.2016 Wednesday
Do you like Disney Eeyore? It's been awhile have not make Eeyore :p 
Blue rice: Mixed rice with blue pea flower extract and add nori for the detailed.
Orange rice: Mixed rice with ketchup
To shape: I used cling wrap and shaped into Eeyore (head and two ears)
Side dishes: Broccoli, gyoza, oranges and fishballs
16.03.2016 Thursday
My girl requested to eat Japanese Curry for her lunch ^_^ In my Japanese curry have chicken in bite size, carrots and potatoes.
Piggies: Mixed the rice with ketchup since I don't have Sakura Denbu for pink color.
Side dishes: Pea sprouts and tamagoyaki

Friday, 11 March 2016

Bento2016#Mar11~My Neighbor Totoro Theme Bento

This week I've planned to made "My Neighbor Totoro" theme bentos ^_^ I hope you like it!

Day1: 7/3/16 (Monday)

Totoro rice : Black sesame powder mixed with rice

Eyes : Cheese/Nori

Dishes : Star shaped chicken nuggets & stir-fried mushrooms with bok choy

Day2: 8/3/16 (Tuesday)

Mei Kusakabe
Mei Kusakabe : Cheese (Face/Hat), Nori (Hair/detailed), Crabstick (Red & white detailed)

Dishes : Chicken cutlet coated with bread crumbs, rice and pea shoots

Day3: 9/3/16 (Wednesday)

Catbus/Nekobus : Brown rice (dark sweet sauce mixed with rice), Nose (taiwanese sausage)

Eggsheets : Eyes, ears and seats detailed

Nori/Seaweed : All the black detailed

Dishes : Broccoli, pan-fried sausages and taiwanese sausages.

Chibi Totoro & Susuwatari
Chibi Totoro : Rice (I used cling wrap to shaped it)

Susuwatari : Kambu (Boiled seaweed and used circle cutter) Eyes (crabstick white part/nori)

Mini Chibi : Quail egg with nori detailed

Dishes : Yam samosa, chicken pandan wrap, pea shoots, shimeji mushrooms and fishball


So which characters bentos you like the most?     

Friday, 4 March 2016


Good day everyone! Here I am to update my weekly bentos and I hope you like it ^_^ 

Day1: 29/2/16 (Monday)

Winnie The Pooh
On Monday, I made Winnie the Pooh rice popsicles ^_^ I have Pooh bear rice mould so pretty easy to shaped it. To made the rice yellowish simply add boiled egg yolk to mixed the rice and I used half of the boiled egg only for this bento. The other half boiled egg went to my son's lunch box :D
I added some chicken floss for each Pooh rice popsicle and filled up with nori details on top. To made it cuter I added bee foodpicks too! As for side dishes have pea sprouts, gyoza, grapes and chilli sauce (small container)

Day2: 01/03/16 (Tuesday) 

On Tuesday, I made used of the cherry tomatoes to create goldfishes ^_^ Most of the bento-ers will know how to made and I must thanks to the first person who created this awesome creative idea. I'm sorry that I've no idea who started first but you can easily learn it from Youtube (that's how I know after saw from others). 
Filled up the rice into the thermos and add on the goldfishes on top (Be sure to have enough level to cover up, you wouldn't want to pressed the goldfishes flat when your kids open it) Designed with cheese for the eyes & mouth (I used two different sizes of straws) To made "blue" background, I used one blue pea flower petal soaked at hot water then tap them surrounding area of the rice.
For side dishes have sesame chicken drummets, broccoli, tamagoyaki and some fruits.

Day3: 02/03/16 (Wednesday)

On Wednesday, I created my 2nd attempt of Hinamatsuri Bento. I cooked some pasta and to decorate the theme characters, below will be my ingredients:
  • Fish ball : Cut half for each Emperor & Empress face
  • Nori/seaweed : Freehand scissor cut out to add on as hair
  • Japanese cucumber : Emperor body
  • Tamagoyaki : Empress body
  • Carrot : Fan/Flowers (to made holes simply used a small hole straw)
For side dishes have beef patties (mayo on top) and some kiwi fruits with grapes.

Day4: 03/03/16 (Thursday)

On Thursday, I wanted to make another Hinamatsuri theme bento for my girl since it's the actual day but my girl prefers other character ^_^ Well, I know my girl likes to bring thermos lunch box so I made "MIFFY". To made Miffy, I used fish ball again for the face and ears. Tamagoyaki for Miffy yellow dress instead of using crabstick for red dress :) 

For side dishes have dark sweet sauce chicken drummets, broccoli and some frutis.