Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bento#05~Little Puppy

Today, I followed recipe book to bake this "Lemon Green Tea Cake" so decided to make little puppy bento for my kids. This puppy no need to use any mould, just use knife to cut out the shape. The darker part will be the ears & leg. Adding some grapes with pretty picks & marshmallows.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bento#04~Mid-Autumn Festival (II)

Another design of my mid-autumn festival bento. This time I used letter mould to cut from cheese :) I also used little human puncher to cut from  nori. School snack I like to packed simple food so sandwich again. Added some marshmallow & plum.

Bento#03~Mid-Autumn Festival (I)

I want to make mid-autumn festival bento for my kids. So here I make a cute ChangEr嫦娥 by using cheese for her face & hands. Cut nori (freehand) for the hair then stick to the cheese. Bottom was sandwich. As for the red/white dress was make of crabmeat stick. Cute bunny玉兔 make from egg white & nori for the eye/nose. Finished off with plum/hawflakes/sausage & cucumber.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Star bread using egg mould

I'm going to show you how to make bread shapes out of egg mould
Step(1) Take a piece of bread. I used whole wheat bread
 Step(2) Add in kids favourite jam then fold all 4 corner and pinch together
Step(3) This is how it looks after pinch together
Step(4) Next, put the bread onto the egg mould (any shape) and press it flat or you can press on the table. Please take note, if pit too much fillings inside will split out :p Sorry that I forgot to take the after pressed photo :(
Step(5) Here is star shape bread after done and the bottom part won't be nice :D But we are going to used the top part ^_^
Here is simple Hello Star bread bento that after decorated.
Bento of the Week Winner

Bento#07~Hello Star

Simple bento for this ^_^ I used star shape rice mould to make this cute bread. I manage to spent some time to take step by step pictures. In this bento have honey cherry tomato, purple sweet potato & marshmallow. 
 My kids like wheat bread so I just add their favourite filling into the wheat bread. When you put the bread on the star shape egg mould, use hand to press it or table will do. Make sure the fillings not a will split out if too much :p I forgot to take that press part picture. Hope this way can help you all make simple bento by using any mould. Egg mould or even rice mould will get the same results. Happy Bento-ing :D

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bento#06~Hello Kitty Pumpkin Costume

I know "Happy Halloween Day" still one month to go but when I've the time, will like to spent some time to create my kids bento ^_^ To make the marbleized effect,  I boiled the purple sweet potato & has the purple liquid after cooked so I make used the liquid to soaked the hard-boiled egg overnight at fridge. When I took out was hoping to see pretty purple colours....but end up was blue!!! Perhaps I didn't cracked well?? Hmm...well, that's how I got :P Next, as usual freehand cut the bats shape from nori/seaweed as well the "BOO". Hello Kitty face was cheese, using kitty cookies mould to cut then add the face features. Cooked carrots for the pumpkin and the green was bean for the shoes. Lastly, add in some sandwich to filled up the holes :D And decorated with Hello Kitty Face chocolate pop that can easily purchased from shops.