Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bento#April30A~Bear Kodomo no Hi

This afternoon I baked Mexico Bread. Gosh....wasn't easy and I don't think successful =_=" But still turn out good taste after my son ate and he said yummy ^_^ Luckily tomorrow is a Public Holiday!! I can sleep longer n have a good REST!! My body seems tired and slightly feverish again....my hubby scolded me why I still do house chores and baking!!!! Can't I just REST!!! Haha.....got scolded :p
Anyway, here is my first attempt baking Mexico Bread. I followed the recipe book and I don't know where gone wrong....I think need to practice more but wait I fully recover first :D To made the pictures nice, I added some face expression!
A closer look of the bread. I add cheese for eyes and mouth then freehand cut out nori to stick on it as BEAR. 
The carp streamer was cheese bun (bought from bakery shop). I cut the tail and pressed the cheese bun to fit in the box. Add cheese/nori for eye and used cutter to cut cheese scales. Lastly, add strawberry, marshmallows and mini sweet cake. Simple Bear Japan Children's Day theme bento snack. Hope you all will like it! Cheers!

Bento#April30~Bear Maki Sushi

I'm feeling better after good sleep and medication due to some feverish and flu. My son needs to be quarantine at home for a week due to influenza positive. He's fine today, just need rest and drinks plenty of water. Anyway, I still continue making bento for my girl as she needs to eat too right? I still able to cope with it so today I made simple Bear MakiSushi for her. 
The purple coloured was rice mixed with purple sweet potato that I mashed first then mixed. Before rolled add cooked sausage on top then rolled with nori. Next, add white rice then put the purple sausage rolled on top and rolled together ad Maki Sushi ^_^. Punch out nori for bear eyes/ears/mouth. Ths middle mouth was cheese using cutter to cut out. I made one happy bear and another one a bit sleepy bear :p
Cut out checker apple and add sweet sauce to sauce container. To view the method of cutting checker apple can go to the step by step at home page.
I hope you will like this cute bear makisushi bento. Cheers!


Monday, 29 April 2013

Bento#April29~Children's Day/Boy's Day in Japan

 Today's lunch I'm making Children's Day or Boy's Day celebrated on 5th May in Japan. I didn't know have this festival until I started bento. Boys wearing the hat and holding Koinobori flags.This is my first time making and it was fun!
 To made the boy onigiri, I mixed rice with ketchup then add nori for the details. Folded the hat that I learn from google :p I made tamagoyaki and arranged next to it and put the Koinobori made from sotong roll on top using toothpick to secured. 
For sides, I add komoboko, sausage cut into heart shape and koinobori. Some sweet peas and fruits (strawberry/grapes).
I hope you will like this Children's Day kyaraben. Cheers!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bento#April27~My Melody Lunch

Today I made lunch for myself ^_^ Yesterday was my girl's 9th Blessed Birthday and we had a buffet party dinner outside. Too much left over foods so today I heat up the food and made My Melody kyaraben :) 
I scooped the fried rice to flower mould then pressed out. In the middle I made My Melody kyaraben using rice mould to shape white rice then add in ham, kombu/boiled seaweed, cheese for nose and nori for lips. Not forgetting crabstick for red bow using cutter. 
Here is the rice mould I've used for My Melody ^_^ My dearest sister went to Osaka, Japan and helped to purchased this mould. I was thrill to see her online chat with me when she saw it and asked me whether I want it? Yes! Yes! Yes! Haha....so today I made used of these mould and cutters.
At my lunch plate contains curry chicken with potato, bean curd with seafood, fish fillet and fried rice. I hope you all had a wonderful lunch too! Cheers!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Bento#April26~My girl's 9th Birthday Bento

 Today is my daughter's 9 years old birthday!! I made this birthday bento for her and I know she likes Hello Kitty so you can see her bento for today mostly HK ^_^ Tonight, we will celebrate her birthday and I ordered a HK birthday cake too! Haha....
This morning she already can't wait for her evening party and I invited some of her classmates :)
I made a birthday girl and my girl is thin so I thought of making a chubby cute girl ^_^ Freehand cut out nori for hair, eyes, nose, mouth and dress lines. Stick the nori onto the cheese and finished all the details. Underneath birthday girl was a cupcake and small circle bread (cutter cut out) for the cheese to support. Add ribbon picks for her hair and party hat. As for her hands, I used cutter to cut out the cheese and add red crabstick for bracelet :p Dress also made from crabstcik!
Next, the HK Birthday Cake!! First, I cut flower cheese using cutter and put on top of the cupcake then toast a bit to melt. To made HK bread, I used HK rice mould to made and add peanut butter fillings inside then fold/press out the shape. Put the HK bread on top the cheese cupcake then punch out the nori details and add some colourful star fondant to deco. I wanted to add candles but not nice so I skip that part!

Another part of the bento box, I made heart shape quail egg using mould to cook. Made small HK bread using bread cutter and filled the nori/crabstick. Last part, I add Happy Birthday stick and HK gummy on top ^_^
Remember I did HK strawberry? This time I remember to add Kitty-chan bow!! Yeah....I used heart shape fondant :) I did try out using chocolate for face but it melt so I prefer nori :)
So here is the Birthday Bento for my darling girl!!! I hope you will enjoy reading my post and love this bento too! Haha....Hugs and cheers!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bento#April25A~Spirited Away "Chihiro" for Bento & Co. 2013 Contest

Congratulation to the Bento & Co. 2013 contest winners and 20 finalist! Here is my submitted Pasta bento for the 2013 contest ^_^ I know my creation won't be selected but I liked to try out the fun of bento-ing. I'm sure those of you who have entered the contest all put in effort! A big applause to you all!!! To see the the Grand Winners click HERE. Also do vote for your favourite bento from the 20 finalists!! Click HERE.
I cooked ribbon pasta (gosh....not really good at cooking) with creamy mushroom sauce. I made Chihiro Ogino character for my theme bento. Part of the scene from Spirited Away animated movie. Made her face with mixture of ketchup and rice. Shape her face then arranged on top. Next, freehand cut out her hair using boiled seaweed/nori. Cut out the nori for all the eyes details and lines. Next to her shoulder, I made the Yubaba's crow onigiri (rice/nori) Add carrot for mouth and nori for line. Chihiro clothes was made from crabstick. Lastly, arranged some lettuce and stir-fried vegies next to her and tamagoyaki.
For the top part container, I add some Korea strawberries, honey cherry tomato, grapes and kiwi fruits. Pan-fried salmon, sweet corn, broccoli, lotus roots, mushroom and carrots. I add flower pasta with pretty picks!
I hope you will like this bento. I need to learn more and practice more!! Haha....thank you so much for visiting my blog and left some comments. Really appreciate!! Cheers!

Bento#April25~Spring Flower Theme Bento

Today's lunch I made Spring Flower theme bento as I wanted to try out making rose flower from cherry tomato so I thought it will be great to have lots of FLOWER in today's lunch ^_^ When I do my decoration....seem that I add too much!! Hope you won't find it too complicated! Hehe....
I cooked macaroni pasta with cheese then pour to the bento box. I made two onigiri and put on top of the macaroni. To made the onigiri blossom flower, I used cutter to cut crabstick then arranged it on top. Add lettuce around the onigiri and finished all the decoration. To made the rose flower, I cut out cherry tomato skin then followed the circular movement to made. 
As for another container, I put the sweet corn into food cup then decorate it with open sweet pea and another rose tomato. Cut out kamaboko and also made tamagoyaki. I also add sausages but already covered by the tamagoyaki and kiwi slices.
I hope you will this Spring Flower Theme bento ^_^ Have a great day and I will post my Pasta bento later.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bento#April24A~Sugarbunnies Bento

Today I bought some Mexico buns from bakery shop. Whenever we stop by the bakery shop, they sure will look for Mexico buns or red bean buns ^_^ I think I should learn how to made since they liked it so much! Haha....anyway, will post it when I successfully baked it!
So for my girl bento snack, I decorate "Sugarbunnies" on top of Mexico bun. I used sugarbunnies bread cutter to cut out the white breads. For Shirousa (White Bunny), I add nori for eyes/nose/mouth. Spread some strawberry chocolate for ears. For Kurousa (Brown bunny), I spread chocolate for the brown touch and add nori for eyes/nose/mouth. Strawberry spread for ears too!
Some strawberries, Cow strawberry cheese and Kit Kat Strawberry from Japan. I hope you will like this simple and cute Sugarbunnies bento snack! Cheers!
Oh ya....today I went to 100yens shop to collect my bento box for redemption member points. I choose this Kokeshi Bento Box! Loved it so much whenever I browse Bento & Co. website. By the way the 2013 International Contest already announced the 2 Grand winners! Congratulation! Also I want to congrats to Little Miss Onigiri from Shirley's blog that I saw her pretty Pooh's pasta bento was one of the 20 finalists! I've done my votes to you dear Shirley! 
I know my bento entry was way too far to fit in :p At least I've tried my best and joined in the fun. Did I submit?? Yes I did ^_^ l'll update my pasta bento contest post tomorrow for you all!

Bento#April24~Hello Kitty Sushi & Strawberries

Sushi again for lunch!!! This time I made simple ones, just used triangle rice mould to made ^_^ As usual I made her favourite's character "Hello Kitty" and HK strawberries!! The strawberry ideas not from me :p I saw it from youtube "How to made strawberry Men" by Mosogourmet. I just changed it to Kitty-Chan since is HK theme bento.
A closer look of Hello Kitty Strawberry ^_^ The video clip showed making chocolate as eyes but I don't have the time to do this morning =_=" So I just punch out nori for all the details and I forgot to add ribbon picks! Arghh.....oh well....will try next time ^_^
To made HK sushi, I used triangle rice mould to shape the rice then add nori. I made three sushi except one of them decorated as Kitty-Chan face using nori puncher. The other two sushi just add the ready trim HK nori from the packet. 
For side dishes: Sweet corn, sweet potato, kamaboko and nuggets (using airfryer). Sweet sauce at the HK sauce container and a packet of HK furikake.
I hope you will like today's lunch "Hello Kitty Sushi" bento and the cute HK strawberry! Cheers!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bento#April23~Shaun & Piano the Sheep

I am so tired today =_=" After finished cooking dinner for my family, I quickly do a simple bento snack for my girl. I wanted to use Piano the Sheep nori (already nicely trim and comes with My Melody nori) So for her snack, I made two different sheep! Piano the Sheep & Shaun the Sheep ^_^ Peanut butter sandwiches underneath.
Put Piano the Sheep on top of cheese and use toothpick to trim out. Add the eyes and nose that comes together with the packet. As for Shaun the Sheep, I used cutter to cut out the cheese for body and freehand cut out nori for head and legs. Add in small cheese eyeballs using cutter as well and punch out nori eyes. 
For her desserts, I add strawberries and grapes. Mini cupcakes underneath the sweet cake from Japan. Nothing special but at least I did some theme bento snack for her :) Cheers!

Bento#April23~Angry Bird Sushi

Yesterday my kids requested sushi for school lunch so today's lunch I made Angry Bird Sushi ^_^ I want to match with other Angry Birds fishcakes so I thought of create Blue Angry Bird Sushi.
 My blue pea flower hasn't bloom so I used blue furikake and mixed with rice then roll with nori. Freehand cut out nori tail, mouth line and hair. As for nori eyes I used puncher. To made the white/red eyeballs, I used straw to cut the crabstick. Can't find the suitable size so the straw size was prefect! Freehand knife cut for the mouth then add nori for the line.
Tamagoyaki cut into heart shape, kamaboko, french beans, sausage and Angry Bird fishcakes. All arranged into the bento box. Sweet sauce and some strawberries at another top container. I hope you will like this Angry Bird Sushi theme bento ^_^ Cheers!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Bento#April22A~Hello Kitty in Totoro costume

I still have some homebaked banana cake so this round I just decorate Totoro as balloon on top and Hello Kitty in Totoro costume.
Totoro costume is red bean bun. I trim away the skin part for Hello Kitty face and used the skin as Totoro's ears. Finished all the nori and cheese for details. For Totoro whiskers, I toasted spaghetti and cut of into few pieces. (I didn't pay attention at the toaster oven so a bit over toasted!)
 Tototro balloon made from cheese and nori. Just add the pick as balloon strings! 
Lastly, add two mini cupcakes and some marshmallows. I hope you will like this simple idea of Hello Kitty in Totoro costume ^_^ Cheers!

Bento#April22~Bear Photo Frame Bento

Today's lunch I made Bear Bento ^_^ My first time try out put the bear in the middle instead of on top of the white rice. 
To made the Bear, I mixed the rice with sweet dark sauce and put into bear rice mould. Put the bear in the middle then filled up white rice. Removed the mould and I used my fingers (wet) to pressed the rice to made it even. Next, I arranged the spinach stem around to made as a frame and used flower cutter to cut carrot for flower and arrange next to bear. After I've done the flower stem and find it without the paw looks weird so I add bear  paws on top. Lastly, finished all the nori and cheese details of the bear.
For sides, I cut out ham and arranged as flower to the silicone food cup and the balance spinach to bear silicone food cup. Quail heart shape egg and crabstick roll on top of spinach. Filled up the rest with kamaboko and few slices of apples.
I hope you will like today's Bear Photo Frame Bento ^_^ Cheers!