Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bento2015#Aug26~Miffy Thermos Bento

Do you like Miffy? Since I'm using Miffy thermos lunch box and I've created Miffy using different ingredients so this round I choose quail egg ^_^ I think is perfect due to Miffy is white colour :D How do I shape it? You just need hold the quail egg and rub palms together after peel away the eggshell while still hot. Easy right?  

A closer look of sweet Miffy quail egg :) I cut half of the quail egg for Miffy head so that will stay firm. Underneath is rice cover up by the sweet minced meat so that Miffy will stand out nicely on top. Cherry tomato for Miffy red dress and nori for details. As for ears/legs also make from quail eggs.
Honey cherry tomato, cucumber leave and half of the quail egg from Miffy. 

I hope you like this simple and quick Miffy bento. 


  1. This is so damn cute, I was just showing my man... we can't get over how adorable this is OH MY GOSH! (:

    With love,
    Suzy ♥


    1. Aww....thank you so much to you & your man ^_^ Appreciate your kind compliments!

  2. Cute Miffy! So adorable!


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