Monday, 5 May 2014

Bento2014#May05~Children's Dayこどもの日Kodomo no Hi

Today in Japan country celebrate Children's Day こどもの日 Kodomo no Hi festival although I'm not in Japan but still like to create one bento each year ^_^ Click HERE & HERE to view my last year creation. 

Today, I chose Rilakkuma & Friends to join in this joyous festival! I did a sketched last night so that I won't waste time :) To matched this theme, I used Oyako Kingyo Bento box since is about fish and I liked this two different sizes goldfish bento boxes ^_^ Is like big bento box MAMA & the small bento box BABY.

For small Oyako Kingyo bento box, I made from Rilakkuma inarizushi, just add nori & cheese and of course must add Kabuto (Japanese Military Helmet) I folded last night :) Lastly, add some rock melons!

As for big Oyako Kingyo bento box, I filled some rice at half portion and decorate the Koinobori (carp streamer) on top. 
  • Korilakkuma : imitation squid roll (surimi chikuwa)
  • Rilakkuma : sausage, nori
  • Kiiroitori : tamagoyaki, carrot, nori

I hope you like today's Japan Children's Day post ^_^ Happy Monday!

I can't helped it to took one more picture of the Oyako Kingyo Bento box before let my daughter bring to school ^_^


  1. Aggh.... This is uber cute :)!! I keep forgetting about the Children's day - and I have actually always wanted to make a children's day themed bento, and it's too late again now :(. I especially love the flag with Rilakkuma and Kiroitorii, adorable :)!

    1. oh gosh.....sorry for being late to thank you for this lovely sweet comment from you my dear Syntia :)

      No worries....I'm sure next time you will remember or perhaps I just send u an email ^_^

  2. Love how you made Rilakkuma and friends into carp! Very creative!

    1. Aww...thank you sweetie ^_^ So sorry for being late :p


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