Monday, 28 September 2015

Bento2015#Sep28~Hotel Transylvania 2 Bento

Have you watch "Hotel Transylvania 2"? My kids can't wait to watch part 2 ever since they watched Hotel Transylvania. Especially my daughter so excited and we had a great movie hang out together during the weekend as well with my family. 
So I made this bento during the weekend and took me some times to update it today :P 
Here's the closer look of Dennis & Dracula Grandpa ^_^ Aww... think back the movie scene Dennis red curly hair super cute with big round eyes :D I didn't buy the organic red yeast noodle (used to bought it) due to my kids dislike the taste or else will be perfect to create Dennis hair here. Oh well, I use carrot instead and to make Dennis/Dracula face, I mix the rice with ketchup and shape them up by covering with nori details.
*Mostly freehand scissor cut out nori details.

For side dishes have chicken katsu with mayo and some broccoli. I also added the "Happy Halloween" food pick to match the upcoming next month Halloween Day :D Am I too early?

I hope you will like this Hotel Transylvania 2 Dennis & Dracula Bento ^_^


  1. I like how you used carrot for the red hair, very clever :)!

    1. Thank you so much Syntia ^_^ So happy that you visit my blog and left a sweet words. Appreciate with lots of hugs!

  2. Super cute and I love all of the detailings!!

    1. aww...thank you so much Rina ^_^ So happy that you love it all!


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